How To: Dribble Jab Step Basketball Move

jab step basketball

The dribble jab step basketball move is an advanced move for advanced players only.

But I’m guessing that no matter if you are 8 years old or 21 years old you feel like you are an advanced player.

augie basketball

I guess the word advanced is pretty relative.

An 8 year old really could be advanced for his age, but is still too young to shoot three pointers and execute complex moves.

So when I say advanced here I'm talking about players who are either playing in college or who will be playing in college in 1-2 years.

The dribble jab move has become more and more popular as of late.

Of course, some players have used it in the past, but it seems like in the past 5 years or so we are starting to see it more often.

Here is a list of some of the players I've seen use this:

  • Kevin Durant
  • Damian Lillard
  • Derrick Rose
  • Stephen Curry

If you can think of any other players please leave them in the comment section.

How To: Dribble Jab Step Basketball Move

Lets go ahead and dive a little deeper into the move and break it down step by step.

The dribble jab step does one thing...

Creates space.

So you can use this move to get off a shot or to setup your defender.

Once you are able to create that space you can now control your defender easier.

If they react and close that space you should work to counter and blow by them.

If they don't close that space then you are free to shoot.

Here is the step by step breakdown for when the defense does not close that space:

  • Face up against your defender
jab step

  • Turn and jab hard while pounding at the same time
slam and jab step

  • Push off your inside foot into a step back
create space

  • Take your open shot
shoot it

So as you can see you can create a lot of space with that especially when the defense reacts to your jab, drops their hands, and retreats.

Here is a quick little video showing Damian Lillard using this move in the NBA.

When using this dribble jab basketball move it is much easier to make the shot when you execute the move with the ball in your left hand.

This is due to the fact that when you have the ball in your right hand you have to turn your hips more to get squared up.

You have to dribble jab then turn your hip about 90 degrees then shoot.

When the ball is in your left hand you don't have to be perfectly squared up (if you're right handed).

Even if you don't get 10 toes pointed to the rim you still can have your elbow straight due to the body mechanics of a right handed shooter.

Therefore I recommend that first you practice this going left and once you have the technique down start working on the right side as well.

At the end of the video above there is a drill you can use to practice the technique of slamming the basketball down at the same time as you jab.

If you enjoyed this article and want to start using this move I recommend you also strengthen your step back explosiveness, because you need to have a hard jab to make the defense think that you are going to attack the paint when really you are stepping back.

By sharing this page you can unlock 3 exercises you can do to make your step back more explosive.


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