3 SHIFTY Basketball Moves To Create Space & Break Ankles

There are a few slick moves poppin’ up here and there in the league that really haven’t gotten enough attention. I thought I’d break them down in this video and let you guys know just how to do them yourselves. Click that video below to learn the shake and bake I’m talking about.

Here’s my video tutorial on 3 basketball moves to create space and break ankles:

To start off, all of these moves have the same basic element– you’re going to be moving the ball one way while your body shifts another. When this happens, and you’ve then pulled the ball back towards yourself, you will have created a new lane to blow by your defender. It makes so much more sense when you see it for yourself. ↑↑↑↑↑↑ (Watch the video! And then Like and Subscribe!)

Quick Note: The key is the footwork. Essentially you’re going to take two steps away from the side you ball-faked to on the crossover. The correct footwork is going to make or break the effectiveness of this move.

Crossover in Front Variation

1.) As shown in the video, the first variation of this move resembles a basic front cross-over. However, the difference between a normal crossover and this is you’re looking to throw the ball one way as your body goes the other and uses that Karaoke step. Make sure you’re really pushing off with your left foot, get all the space you can from this move. If you’re pushing off your right foot, you can only leap so far back the other direction. A quick, karaoke step and leap gives you, essentially, an entire defender’s width more of freedom to act with the ball.

Between the Legs Variation

2.) The second variation of this move is to go between the legs. Feel free to go directly into a shot, as if done well, you’ll have quite a bit of space for a jumper. Make sure to rep these variations out to not fumble the ball and get the ball exactly in your shot pocket for the controlled J.

Around the Back Variation

3.) The third variation is the same move as the others but around the back. You might see this one in Curry’s arsenal quite often. As Curry’s not the most physical or explosive guard out there, his handles are on another level. He needs to get a shot off and occasionally this is his go-to move for the space to do so.

Counter Moves to all Three Variations

As with most of these moves, if your defender doesn’t “bite” on the initial ball fake aspect of the move, and closes out hard on the space you’ve created for your jumper, a hesi or shot fake is the counter you need to continue the effectiveness of this move.

As his momentum is setting up to defend the shot, sell the fake with a hesi or pump fake and just blow by him. By this time, he’s probably behind you and you’ve created an obvious offensive opportunity for your team.

Quick note: Putting a Defender in Jail

If you’ve beaten your defender with one of these moves or it’s counters, and he’s behind you, never let him get back to a defensive position in front of you. Keep him on your back so he can never recover on your way to the rim or an easy play. Very similarly to a “box-out” for a rebound, keep him “in jail” by continually moving in front of him so he can never get around you. Make sure to keep your dribble in front of you so he can’t poke it from behind. When your defender is struggling to get in front of you once you’ve beat him, the chances you get an easy lane, open up your teammate for an easy assist, or draw the foul are all pretty high.

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Watch the video below and start blowing by defenders like you never thought possible.

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