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5 Basketball Drills For Post Players

basketball drills for post players

50 for 56… That’s a good shooting percentage. But that’s just average to my man Rashad “Deuce” Hassan. Well at least when he’s getting his post reps in. We worked out together 4 to 5 times a week while teammates in Europe. He would always finish each shooting workout by getting 50 makes in from the post. Here…

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Basketball Finishing Drills: The Basketball Training Series Part 2

basketball finishing drills

Boom….it’s here. What’s here? Part 2 of The Basketball Training Series, duh?! If you haven’t seen part 1 then you should do that first because part 2 is basically a continuation of a complete basketball training workout that I put a couple players through in the summer of 2015. When we workout we don’t just…

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Ball Handling Workout: The Basketball Training Series Part 1

ball handling workout

You finally found it… This post is part 1 of The Basketball Training Series. “But AUUUGIE, when does the series end?” Answer: IDK, never? Do I really need an ending point? I just want to see how long I can keep it going. As the series continues I’ll make sure to add link to Part 2,…

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Basketball Workout For Point Guards


Sick of doing the same old basketball workout everyday? Suck to be you! Just joking, but seriously why not check out this workout, learn it, and apply it to improve your game! The player featured in this workout is a NCAA D3 college player named Connor Kim. This is a complete workout as we work on…

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Crafty Ball Handling Drill


Last summer (2015) I was working with a small forward who wanted to improve his ball handling. We did a ton of ball handling drills that you see around that help improve your dribble speed and your overall control of the basketball. His handles improved. But still, he couldn’t really use his handles to create…

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2 Really Good Basketball Moves To Create Space

good basketball moves

Today I’m going to give you two really good basketball moves you can use to create space off of the dribble. At the end of the video there is also a few drills you can use to work on these moves and to basically rep out each move like a millionbazillion times 🙂 Let’s get…

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Basketball Shooting Drills For Beginners: The Big Step Drill

basketball shooting drills for beginners

Most basketball shooting drills for beginners don’t focus on footwork at all. The Big Step Shooting Drill does. It is designed to work on your 1-2 step in a catch and shoot situation. What makes this drill special is that you’re not moving towards the basket. In basketball you are often moving away from the…

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The World’s Hardest Basketball Ball Handling Workout

ball handling workout thumbnail

If you’re a basketball rookie close this page right now. I don’t want you to hurt yourself with the: Ok, I hope you know I’m just joking and definitely over exaggerating. If you were truly about to close the page then you might want to do a quick self evaluation of your humor. Or maybe…

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Basketball Finishing Drill To Help Improve Your Floater

basketball finishing drills

It’s the weirdest thing… Sometimes when I’m just having small talk with people they’ll say something like, “well, you’re really tall so that helps.” I’m 6’2″. In the basketball world I’m a midget. So what do midgets do? We work on our floaters, lol.  I’m guessing that’s why you’re on the page right now is…

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How To Dribble A Basketball Better

In this post I am going to explain the basic fundamentals on how to dribble a basketball plus so much more. “…It’s a ball you weirdo, you just bounce it.” Well not exactly, I wish it was that simple, but it truly isn’t. Especially when you have these long armed, lightning quick, blood thirsty defenders…

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