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If you’re looking for a little basketball motivation then you’ve found the right place…get pumped.

10,000 Hours – Episode 2

This video series follows a couple players that are either in high school or college that will do anything to get better at this game and make their basketball dreams come true… This is episode 2.  If you missed the first one you can watch it here.  

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Basketball Motivation – 10,000 Hours

Have you ever heard this quote? When you’re not working out someone somewhere is and when you two meet with all things being equal, they will beat you. I totally believe in this.  I am the one who is working out when you are not.  I won’t let anyone out work me.  That is the…

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Basketball Motivation Tip – Music

BASKETBALL MOTIVATION TIP – MUSIC I know waaay too many players that think they go hard, but the truth is that they don’t.  The problem is that being a hard worker is relative.  What that means is that what one person might think is working hard others might laugh at.  In college my friend was…

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