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These are all Baller Boot Camp Podcast Episodes.

Podcast 17: Is AAU Basketball Good or Bad?

Today we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of AAU basketball. I hope you guys enjoy it. If you want to discuss what we talked about in the podcast with other baller you can do that in our Facebook group here. Let’s get into the podcast…

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Podcast 16: Who Is The Greatest NBA Rapper of All Time?

What’s up guys, thanks for checking this out… If you like the podcast make sure you leave us a 5 star review on Itunes. In today’s episode we (Greg C. and I) talk about all the different NBA players that have tried there playing a different game than basketball…what game you ask? The rap game! We…

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Podcast 15: Is Ring Chasing Acceptable?

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out today’s podcast. In today’s episode Greg and I discuss “ring chasers” and fully dive into the topic. If you want to debate with us head over to our Facebook group and leave your opinion. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP Ok, you also can leave your comments on…

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Podcast 14: What’s The Best Way To Stop an ELITE SCORER

In today’s episode we discuss an interesting topic.  When I say “WE” I am referring to my friend, basketball junkie, and sports talk radio host Greg Cunningham. I took a looong break from podcasting (like a year break) because I didn’t get too much positive feedback on doing the podcasts, plus it was getting pretty…

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Podcast 13: How To Be Aggressive In Basketball

aggressive basketball

In today’s episode we talk about a lot of different topics but the meat and potatoes is about how to be aggressive and what exactly that means.  I also talk about my first quarter mentality on a team where I need to make plays. I hope you enjoy it, here it is. If you enjoyed…

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Podcast 12: What It Takes To Be Great

what it takes to be great

So many players want a quick fix. In basketball it doesn’t exist. When a player asks me what they should do to become a better player they often don’t like the answer I have for them. Wake up at 5:30 every morning, go to sleep early, eat right, and schedule your life around your basketball…

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Podcast 11: Dealing With Basketball Injuries

basketball injuries

Thank you so much for checking out the podcast for this week. This week we discuss some very common basketball injuries and what you can do to avoid them and treat them if they unfortunately do happen. Remember, I’m not a doctor and everything in this podcast is completely personal opinion from someone with a…

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Podcast 10: How To Handle Different Matchup Situations

In this weeks episode we discuss how handle different matchup situations.  For example, what should do if you have to guard the best scorer in the league? What should you do if you are being guarded by a great defender? Those are just a few examples. Of course we talk a little March Madness as…

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Podcast 9: Point Guard Responsibilities

point guard responsibilities

In today’s episode I discuss point guard responsibilities as well as cover all of the other things going on in my basketball journey at this point in time. As you probably know the point guard position has the ball more than any other position in basketball. Therefore PG’s need to have great decision making and…

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Podcast 8: The Best Parts About Playing Overseas

basketball overseas

In today’s episode I wanted to shed some light on some of the unique differences in playing overseas compared to playing in the states and I mostly want to highlight the positive things. In a future episode I’ll discuss the negative things, but lets start it off on a positive note.  Let me know in…

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