Podcast 11: Dealing With Basketball Injuries

basketball injuries

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This week we discuss some very common basketball injuries and what you can do to avoid them and treat them if they unfortunately do happen.

Remember, I'm not a doctor and everything in this podcast is completely personal opinion from someone with a lot of basketball experience.  If you do ever have any kind of pain I recommend you consult your doctor immediately.

Lets get into the show:

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In This Weeks Episode We Cover:

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Weekly Takeaways

Strange Basketball Thoughts

  • When making the decision of what team to play for always choose the one where you will get more playing time and win more game.

Funny Viral Basketball Video

Ouch. This is how you get a defender to lean in one direction...

Posted by Baller Boot Camp on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dealing With Common Basketball Injuries

  • Ankle sprains
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee problems
  • Dead legs
  • Split finger tips
  • Cramps
  • Jammed fingers

Quote of the Week

To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It's not about winning and losing; it's about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It's about embracing the pain that you'll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid.

- Summer Sanders, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer

Question of the Week

Hey guys, I have enough power to shoot 3's, but I just completely mess up my form because I'm scared I wont have enough power, how can I keep my form perfectly still so that my 3's are accurate?

Answer is inside the podcast.


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  • Rose

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    Thanks for treating this topic! Good stuff as always 😉

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