Full Court Basketball Drill To Minimize Over Dribbling

full court basketball drill

Three in one!

There are three different variations to this drill and really you can get creative and come up with many more as well using different crossover moves and different number of dribbles.

First Variation: Out of triple threat take 1 dribble to get to the free throw line and then make a through the legs dribble. Then you have 1 dribble to get to the half court where you will go through your legs again. After one more dribble you get to the opposite free throw line where you take one more through the legs dribble and get straight into a finish. You can do that 2-4 total times then move on to the second variation.

Second Variation: Out of triple threat you have 2 dribbles to get to half court where you are going to go through the legs and then take 2 more dribbles to get into your finish. After you do that 2-4 times move on to the 3rd variation.

Third Variation: Starting out of triple threat you have 4 dribbles to get a layup at the other end.

If you are a beginner or youth player you should modify this drill so that you don’t travel, carry, and so you can actually do the drill.

Feel free to try different crossovers as well.

Ok, I hope you guys liked it and if you did please share it with someone and I’ll see you guys in the next video.


Augie Johnston

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