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Gain Confidence Through A Special Training Style That's Been Tested, & Tweaked To Give In Game Scoring Results


Are You Great In Pick Up Games and 3 on 3, But Can't Score In Real 5 on 5 Games?

Popular Basketball Trainer Reveals This Special Training Style That's Proven To Develop & Combine Your Shooting, Ball Handling, & Finishing To Create Pure Scorers -- Even If You Don't Have A Scoring Mentality Now

Friday, January 3, 2014

From: Augie Johnston

Subject: How To Become A Pure Scorer

Have you ever finished a game and feel terrible because you only ended up scoring like 2 points?

Are you sick of your cocky teammates who don't even workout getting all the attention after they score 20+ points?

Do you have dreams of playing college basketball or professionally someday, but people would just laugh at you if they knew you had those dreams?

I Totally Understand All Of That.

Listen, if you've been working out and not getting any better it's not your fault.

The workouts you've been doing or the advise you've been getting probably hasn't been developed or tested in a systematic way to give you confidence and most importantly make you better…

That's OK.  Making players better is what I do, let me help you.

Confidence Is The Most Important Thing In Basketball...And Did You Know It's Possible To Develop It Through Training, Even If You Have None Right Now

You could read every basketball mind trick book, spend $1,000's on a personal basketball trainer, or just run around blind in the gym wasting your time and energy.


You can start using my famous Quality x Quantity = Improvement Progression training philosophy 4 times a week for 90 minutes.

Improve with every workout and actually see the improvement in your 5 on 5 games in under 30 days.

Here's How We Do That:

Quality x Quantity = Improvement Progression Training

What Is Progression Training?

People Call Me "The King Of Drills"

Maybe you have seen some of my drills on Youtube, my blog, or podcast.  I have a million.  But I save the best, most effective ones for one thing…This program.

They all fit together in a way that progresses so that by the end of the 90 days you will have a completely new set of moves to blow by defenders, drill jump shots, and finish inside.

Now don't get me wrong.  This is not just a program about adding new moves.

You are going to become a consistently deadly shooter from deep, off the dribble, and are going to be able to create your own shot like never before.

Imagine…You're Only Half Way Through The Program And You Check Your Test Analytics And See Huge Improvements in All Aspects Of Your Game, Guess What Happens Next?

  • You get the green light from your coach
  • You score 30 points in front of a sold out crowd
  • You get All-Conference awards
  • You earn a scholarship to your dream school
  • You eventually sign your first contract to play professionally

You don't think that that's possible for you?

Well I achieved all of those things using this exact same training program.

You Can Earn A Scholarship, Get All Conference Awards, and Play Pro If You Train The Right Way - I Did, Even Though I Only Scored 8.6 PPG in High School

Meet Augie Johnston

Watch the video to learn how I was able to achieve all of my basketball dreams once I stopped training hard and started training smart.  Plus, learn all about what my scoring averages have been through out my career.

And I'm not the only one...

What Other Players Are Saying:

Jake Janson

Hey Augie, I bought your basketball program and used it. And last night I lead my team to a state championship. I hit a three almost at the buzzer to go into overtime to seal off an incredible come back by my team, down by 14 with two minutes left. And I made all tourney most people even said i deserved MVP. Just wanted to thank you for putting together the program and let you know it paid off for me.  I completed all 90 days and saw great results.

Jake Janson High School Player
Dalton Stewart

Augie’s workouts truly helped me. A teammate and I did Augie’s workouts throughout a summer and we became better basketball players. I know that my shooting percentage got a lot better. My ball handling was greatly improved as well.

Dalton Stewart High School Player

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I Can't Take Credit For How Effective This Program Is…

  • I have had a TON of excellent coaches in my career help guide me and teach me.
  • I have studied every great scorer for hours on end to see how exactly they score in the 20+ ppg.
  • I have coached at over 40 camps and picked the brains of some of the greatest basketball minds in the world.
  • I have worked with hundreds of players in team settings and in individual workouts and have tested all I have learned on them and that's how I know this works.

Here's What Is Included In Instant Offense:

  • 45+ Drill Videos

    Over 40 drills where I take you in the gym and break down each drill and give you all the coaching points.  Some drills include: The 4th Quarter Drill, Combo Killers, The Crafty Finisher, Finesse Crossovers & Much More…

  • Progress Analytics

    Take your results from your tests and input them into this Open Office Excel file and have your results instantly charted in graphs so that you can actually track and see your improvement.

  • Daily Workouts in PDF Form

    Every 90 minute workout has 3 modules that cover the 3 main ways great players score the ball: Ball handling, Shooting, & Finishing and comes with a dynamic warmup.

  • Weekly Tests

    12 weekly tests where you record your improvements and then later enter your results into an excel file where all of you improvements will be show in graphs and other analytics.

Why Is It Only $77?

The Truth Is This Is The Same Training I Give Players When I Work With Them Personally And Charge $50 an Hour and You're Getting 90 Days of It For A Fraction Of The Cost.

I'm doing this for 2 reasons.

  • If you're not serious enough to invest $77 in yourself then you probably won't even complete the workouts.
  • At $77 I can reach more players and at the cost of a video game players all over the world can achieve their basketball goals.

If you're thinking, "$77 is too expensive!", then you really need to understand what exactly I'm giving you here.

It's more than just a program.

It's what I owe all my basketball success too.  It's the same training I charge players $1,000's for that I train in person, and most importantly…it's my lives work.

And I'm Willing To Give You My 100% Guarantee That You Will See In Game Results.

Introducing My Personal 60 Day Guarantee...

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And it gets even better than a 100% Money Guarantee...

Since so many players are jumping on this opportunity I want to make sure I give you as much as possible to help you with your game...

This program is hard work...No question about that...

So to make sure you're body is able to recover for the next workout I am going to through in something for free that is going to give you another advantage over your competition...


Free Bonus Products

  • Motivation In A Box Videos & PDF's

    Now you can’t fail.  I’m willing to give you the exact same methods I use to never miss a workout and always stay completely motivated.

  • Foam Rolling 101

    Learn how to make your own foam roller for free and exactly how to use one to get the best results possible.  Also, I break down why you should foam roll and the science behind it.

  • Unlimited Email Coaching

    Valued At: $99 – I am going to have to take this free bonus down as soon as I sell 500 copies because there is no way I can keep up with all of your questions so make sure to get your copy today so you can get access to this.  Ask me anything and I’ll get back to you ASAP.  This is like having a personal trainer at your fingertips all day.

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