Keep Reading To Learn The 3 Components Of Dribbling That Can Be Trained To Give You Handles That Actually Translate Into Games


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  • Unstealable Handles

    By involving drills that require you to get low and stay low players begin to feel more comfortable in the games escaping defenders by simple operating while keeping the ball low.

  • Deadly Moves That Actually Work

    We use a method we call combo ball handling.  It is basically working on the rhythm, speed, and precision of your combo dribble moves.  After these 8 weeks players are able to complete 3-4 dribble moves at a good speed and rhythm.

  • Develop Dribbling Confidence

    I know that feeling when you have a good defender guarding you and you don’t want to dribble.  Eliminate that and blow by the defense instead.

There's Nothing Worse Than Feeling Scared To Dribble The Ball Against A Good Defender

If Only You Would Of Used A "Real Ball Handling" Program 8 Weeks Ago Your Game Would Be Totally Different Today...Even If You Are Starting From "0"

Friday, January 3, 2014

From: Augie Johnston

Subject: How To Become A Pure Scorer

Have you ever had to bring the ball up against a good defender and felt nervous or scared?

Do you just have no handles and can't even do a simple double crossover against a defender?

Or even worse, have you ever tried to cross over on someone and they just rip the ball from you?

That's a quick way to lose all of your playing time and end up having a less than mediocre basketball career.

But, I remember those days too...

And it's not your fault.

I'm 99% positive that you have never had any training like this before, and after 8 weeks of the proper training no only will your handles improve but it will open up your entire game.

Just give me a chance and I will prove it to you and make basketball fun again.

If You Aren't Training These 3 Things Your Handles Will Never Reach Their Full Potential

  • Ability To Be Comfortable Low

    Drills Inside RBH That Improve This: Live Low Drill, Ground Touches, Get Low Drill, & More.

  • Ability To Use Complex Combos

    Drills Inside RBH That Improve This: Hesi Cross Rhythm Drill, Triple Cross Combos, & More!

  • Ability To Dribble Fast & Percise

    Drills Inside of RBH That Improve This: Ball Slams, 2 Ball Side Stepper, & More!

You could go to the gym and work on your handles for hours with no luck, seek advice from the best ball handler you know, or spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer that probable doesn't even have experience improving players ball handling.


Grab this 8 week program now, grab your basketball, hit the basketball court, and start improving today.

I've done all the work for you and now it's time for you to put this special training into action.

No B.S, no wasted time, no wasted energy, just....improvement.

Here's Just A Little Of What's Insided

Here's What Players Are Saying:

Adam P. Adam P.
I've been working on your ball handling drills, and showed my ball handling at my school. I was playing against the varsity players and I'm a freshman. I amazed the coaches and the players!
Felix S. Felix S.
Hey Augie! I can dribble the ball a lot better with my left hand now and even finish with my left hand! I'm so happy that i found baller boot camp! You really helped me out! Thanks a lot!!!

And There Are 1,000's More...

In 8 weeks I'm positive that you yourself will be able to add your success story right next to theirs.

All you have to do is take action today, grab the program, and start working tonight.

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