5 Basketball Tips All Players Need To Hear


Most players seeking advice and basketball tips online all have the same issues and questions.  They don’t have confidence to shoot the ball on offense, they can’t get past their defenders, their coach doesn’t like them, and the list goes on.  Honestly, out of all the questions I receive from players there are about 5 different basic basketball tips that can answer any question thrown at me.

Basketball is a super complex game, but it is best played when you simplify it as much as you can, therefore making the game easier.  Although many trainers and coaches have different philosophies on strategy and how the game should be played, these 5 tips should be considered and coached by all.

1. Play To Your Strengths and Hide Your Weaknesses

“Coach Augie, I have basketball tryouts coming up.  Can you please give me some advice?”  Of course there is a ton of things I could tell a player in this situation, but the more you tell a player that is already nervous about his or her tryout coming up the more they are going to over analyze and freak out, so I simply tell them, “Play to your strengths and hide your weaknesses.”

If you can do this not only are you going to show what you can do, but you will minimize the mistakes you would make when trying to “do to much.”

2. Don’t Worry About Making Open Shots, Worry About Getting Open Shots

When you start worrying about missing an open shot only three things can happen next.  You pass up the next open shot, you shoot and miss the next open shot which then will double your fear of shooting, you shoot and make the next shot.  Passing up the next shot (it is assumed that it is your role and earned right to take open shots) is not going to help your team win, or your goal of being an effective offensive player for your team.  Shooting the next shot scared your going to miss 2 in a row is not going to help you make that shot or any of the shots after that one.  And finally, if you shoot and make the next shot, great, but to be honest the chances of you making that shot were drastically reduced by the fact you were worried about your previous shot.

When worrying about making or missing open shots you are focusing on the wrong thing.  What you need to be focusing on getting open shots.  Are you playing 35 minutes and not getting any good, open, looks?  That is something you should be worried about.  With the correct basketball training you can make 5 out of 10 open three point shots in a game, but getting those open shots is another thing.

3. Be The First To Arrive And Last To Leave

This goes for anything in life.  When you know you have prepared to the best of your ability then not only will this help you succeed but will help you gain confidence in what your doing and give you a feeling of entitlement.  It’s easy for someone who puts forth no effort and no investment in something to quit, to blame others, and to under perform.  Show up first to practice and be the last one to leave the court after.

Now when you look around to see who should take the last shot you will not only see yourself, but you will feel more confident in your ability to win the game for your team because you put in the extra work.  Not only is this good for yourself, but it shows leadership and can be contagious amongst your teammates.

4. Play With A Chip On Your Shoulder

Now this doesn’t mean that you should have a bad attitude when you play.  It means that you should always play as if you have something to prove.  You should play as if you are the underdog and there are a million people in the stands doubting you and only your actions can change their mind.

Michael Jordan once said that he plays every game for that one person in the arena that has never seen him play before and their only impression on him will be that one game.  I think that is a great mentality because complacency can be a big issue in the development of many players.  Always play the game like you having something to prove and with that competitiveness you will not only improve as a player but you will maximize your potential.

5. Never Get Too High or Too Low

This might sound like the biggest basketball tips cliche ever, but there is nothing truer.  As soon as you start thinking your team can’t be beat, you will be beaten.  As soon as you think you are unstoppable, someone will stop you.  It’s important to enjoy your victories but never be satisfied, and this goes for every success in the game no matter how big or small.  Small being a jump shot in your defenders face, and big being a victory over a top ranked team.  If you get too high you will fall.  Stay hungry.

This goes the same for getting to low too and can be based on a team level or individual player level.  If your team loses a close game or even gets blown out there is no reason to hang your head and focus all your energy on the loss.  You must move on and take the things you did wrong in that game that caused a loss as a lesson and learn from them.  On an individual level you can’t be too hard on yourself.  Everyone hurts after a bad game or two.  You can’t let that put you in a hole that you can’t escape.  In failure you must remember, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.


These are the 5 most important basketball tips I can give a player.  If you are a player yourself than I hope the next time you have a question about what you can do to overcome a certain aspect of your game (especially mental) that you refer back to this list.  If you are a coach then this is a great resource of basketball tips you can use to help you players maximize there abilities.

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