Basketball Shooting Drills: The Ultimate Resource

What this is…

Yep, it's true, this is THE ultimate resource for basketball shooting drills.  I honestly don't think you're going to find something better anywhere on the Internet with as many good, quality shooting drills.  So if you end up agreeing with me I would really appreciate a simple share...I mean that is how the Internet works, right?

Moving on my fellow baller!

As I release more and more drills into this world I will continually update this page.

How to use this page...

I have the shooting drills separated out into the following sections:

  • Shooting drills you can do by yourself
  • Shooting drills best done with a partner
  • Hybrid shooting drills

Each drill is explained with coaching points, screenshots, and a complete breakdown all in text, and then under that is the video you can watch if that is how you prefer to absorb the information.

Note: this is alot of drills.  I don't expect anyone to try and fit them all in one workout.  These are some great basketball shooting drills to simply supplement your standard spot up shooting to create a complete basketball shooting workout.  You won't be able to remember all these drills, but you're more than welcome to come back anytime here to freshen up your memory...just make sure to bookmark, share, email to yourself, or whatever this page so you can come back when you want!

How to use these drills...

Important: Anytime your using any basketball shooting drills you want to do a few things:

  • Either set a goal for makes or shoot a certain number of shots
  • Always count your makes and misses to hold yourself accountable
  • Go game speed in every drill
  • Try to keep the same form on every shot
  • Treat each shot as if it is a game winner
  • Don't ignore proper footwork
  • If shooting with a partner use encouraging words to keep focus high

Now lets take a look at...

Basketball Shooting Drills: The Ultimate Resource

Shooting Drills You Can Do All By Yourself


The Wing Sweeper

About The Move:

In this shooting drill you are going to be working on the "Sweep Move."  Here is how you execute this move:

  1. Catch the ball facing the passer.
  2. Take the ball and "sweep" it low to the other side of your body while at the same time changing directions.

Note: A "sweep" is when you take the basketball from one side of your body to the other by moving the basketball under waist level.

When To Use This Move: Anytime you pop out to get a catch and the defensive is trying to deny or is simply too close.

How To Do The Drill:

Start under the basket with the basketball.  Toss the ball to the wing area.  Chase it down, catch it, and sweep it.  Take one or two dribbles and shoot the basketball.  In the video below I show the drill 2 dribbles, but really it's your choice.  In a game I think 2 dribbles is more realistic to gain space between you and the defender that was guarding you, but 1 dribble is faster if you can create enough space with it.  There are two different variations to the drill.  One variation is where you take 1 or 2 dribbles and shoot a pull up jump shot and the other variation is where you take 1 or 2 dribbles and shoot a step back jump shot.  I want you to shoot 8 of each variation and then switch to the other wing.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • Stay low on your sweep
  • Change directions as fast as possible
  • No wasted steps or movement

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    Better Shooting Workout

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Post Shooting

How To Do The Drill:

There are two variations to this drill.  Here is the first one.  Start under the basket with the ball and toss it out to just past the block.  Catch the ball and at the same time you catch the basketball step in that direction.  Next you are going to forward pivot in the direction you caught the ball to create space and face up to the basket.  After that you're simply going to shoot a jump shot.  If you went left on the first shot you are now going to go right with the same footwork.  For the second variation you are going to start the same way by tossing the ball to yourself, but instead of stepping in one direction you are going to jump stop into your catch and reverse pivot.  After you face up to the basket simply take your shot.  You are going to shoot 10 of each variation and then switch to the other block and do the same thing.  In total that is 40 shots.

Note: When you forward pivot you are turning forward (away from the basket) and when you reverse pivot you are dropping your foot and turning backwards.  Make sure you do your best to stay on balance when reverse pivoting so you are on balance when you shoot and not drifting backwards.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • Step to the ball to create space
  • Stay on balance while pivoting
  • Fast footwork to shoot over unexpecting defense

The Pull Back Shooting Drill

The Moves You Will Use:

There are 3 different moves you are going to be working on in this drill and they are:

  • Pull back crossover
  • Reverse through the legs
  • Behind the back step back

How To Do This Drill:

Setup a chair or a cone to simulate an on ball screen on the wing and then take the basketball to back behind the chair.  Use a "crab dribble" to get level with the chair.  You are going to be simulating using a pick and roll.  Use the screen and then attack the free through line.  Execute one of the three moves where you stop on a dime, crossover, step back to create space, and then shoot the basketball.  You are going to shoot 5 of each of these variations and then switch to the other side of the court to work on your other hand.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • Attack the free throw line as hard as possible
  • Stop on a dime
  • Change directions as quick as possible
  • Create as much space as possible

Step Through Shooting

How To Do This Drill:

There are 2 variations to this drill.  One is with 1 dribble and the other is with 2 dribbles.  So to execute the drill toss the ball out to the wing and get into triple threat.  Attack either left or right with 1 dribble.  Now stop and act as if you are going to take a pull up jumper with a shot fake.  Take a crossover step and step through to the other side and get up into a jump shot off two feet.  Make sure you shoot off of two feet otherwise you'll be called for a travel.  Chase down your rebound and repeat going the other direction.  Take 5 shots and then switch to the 2 dribble variation.  Once you complete that spot you are going to move to the next spot.  There are 3 spots to do: right wing, left wing, and the top.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • Attack hard in one direction
  • Make a good shot fake
  • Proper footwork on the step through
  • Jump off 2 feet so you don't travel

Sweep Toss Outs

About This Move:

See "The Wing Sweeper" drill from above.  It is the same move, or just watch the video below.

How To Do This Drill:

Start just beyond NBA three on the top of the three point line.  Toss the ball to either the right or left wing.  Chase it down, catch it, and sweep it in the opposite direction.  Take 1 or 2 dribbles and get to the free throw line and take your shot.  There are 3 different kinds of jump shots you are going to be shooting in this drill and they are:

  • Pull up jump shot
  • Step back jump shot
  • Hop step jump shot

So first you're going to start by shooting 10 pull up jump shots.  That's 5 to the right and 5 to the left.  Then you will move on to shooting 10 step back jump shots, and then finally 10 hop step jump shots.  Watch the video to see how to execute a hop step.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Quick change of direction
  • Correct footwork on each of the variations

Shooting Drills Best Done With A Partner

The In Your Face Drill

How To Do This Drill:

Spot up at any position you would like to shoot from.  Have your partner stand with the basketball under the hoop ready to pass.  Once he or she passes the ball they will follow their pass and close out on you, the shooter simulating defense.  You then must shoot the basketball over their hand.  Follow your shot and get the rebound.  Your partner then will replace you as the shooter and you now have become the passer/defender.  You can choose wether you want to shoot for makes or to a certain number before moving on to the next spot.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Proper footwork on every shot
  • Quick and high release
  • Making shots with a hand in your face


Figure 8 Shooting

How To Do This Drill:

Place two cones about 5 feet apart on the ground.  Using a defensive slide weave in and out of the cones in a figure 8 pattern.  The passer who is under the basket will pass you the ball at his or her own discretion.   Your job as the shooter is the catch the ball, get your feet set, and take the shot.  After you shoot continue back in your defensive slide until the next pass arrives.  You can shoot for makes or until a certain number of shots has been made.  I usually make my players shoot ten shots.  You then can move the cones to a different spot and repeat the drill.  This can also be done from outside the 3 point line as well.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Using proper footwork no matter where you catch the ball
  • Getting into your shot quickly
  • Staying low and being quick in your defensive slide


Relocation Shooting

How To Do This Drill:

Place a chair, cone, or really anything on the wing as a marker.  The shooter will start without the ball in the corner.  The begin the drill he or she will run up and touch the marker and then slide down to the corner simulating relocating as you would do when a teammate drives.  Once the shooter gets to the corner the rebounder must pass the ball and of course the shooter takes a jump shot.  Once the shot is up he or she then runs back and touches the marker and repeats the same thing.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • Perfecting your footwork in this situation
  • Having consistent footwork in this situation
  • Making shots out of this situation


Spin Move Shooting

The Move Used In This Drill:

You will be shooting the basketball out of a spin move in every single shot.  If you don't know how to execute a spin move properly you can learn how to spin move here.

How To Do This Drill:

This drill is done from the right wing, the left wing, and the top of the key.  One player rebounds while one player shoots.  The rebounder passes the ball to the shooter who then takes 2 dribble either left or right and then spins back in the opposite direction and goes straight into their jump shot.  The shooter then resets to the same spot.  Once the rebounder gets the ball he or she passes back to the shooter who then should do the same thing, but to the other direction.  Once you shoot 10 total shots from that spot you can switch with your partner or move on to the next position.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Hard attack in 1 direction
  • Spin back away from the defense
  • Creating as much space as possible
  • No wasted movement in the footwork

Hybrid Shooting Drills

Lateral Space Blow By Shooting

About The Moves In This Drill:

  • Through the legs cross
  • Switch hand crossover
  • In n out cross

The first move is the "through the legs crossover move."  Here you simply dribble through the legs and then move laterally away from the defense using a hesitation and then crossing over in the opposite direction.  The second move is the "switch hand crossover."  With this move you want to switch the basketball to your other hand and move laterally away from the defense creating space.  Then crossover in the opposite direction to blow by the defense.  The final move is the "in n out crossover move."  Here you simply make an in n out dribble and hesitate while moving laterally away from the defense and then cross back over blowing by in the opposite direction.


How To Do This Drill:

Place 3 cones about 3 feet apart on the 3 point line so that they form a line parallel to the backboard.  Start behind the middle cone.  Attack it and execute one of the moves described above.  After the lateral movement part of the move you should be outside one of the side cones.  At that point you should cross back over an get into your jump shot.  You can shoot a pull up, hop step, or a step back jump shot.  It is your choice.  After you complete 2 to the left side complete 2 to the right side and then switch to the next move.  That will equal 12 shots total from that position.  You then can move the cones to the wing and repeat the same thing as well as on the other wing too.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Creating space by moving laterally
  • Making a good hesitation as if you're going to shoot
  • Crossing back hard in the opposite direction


Steph Curry Jab Step Back

About The Move:

This is a dribble move used to create space between you and the defender.  This is basically a fake crossover through the legs.  To execute this move you are going to make a hard through the legs dribble, but instead of taking another step to advance yourself closer to the basket you are going to push back off your foot to step backwards.  At the same time you need to pick up the ball and get into your step back jump shot.

How To Do This Drill:

Place 1 cone right on the free throw line and then line up about 4 side by side about 1 - 2 feet behind that first cone and about 1 foot to the side.  This row of cones should be parallel to the backboard.  Attack the cone on the FT line and then execute the dribble jab step back move.  Your step back should take you back behind the row of cones where you can then shoot.  Complete this same move 8 times and then switch to the other side.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Hard jab step on the through the legs move
  • Hard push off to create the maximum amount of space
  • Don't fadeaway on your shot


Behind The Back Buster

About The Move:

For this move to be affective you need to attacking full speed in one direction.  At the point where you see the defender start to turn his or her shoulders you want to stop on a dime and go behind the back.  Push off that strong side foot into a step back jump shot.

How To Do This Drill:

These kind of basketball shooting drills are great because you're going to be working on ball handling, shooting, as well as a new move.  Ok, let me explain how to do this drill.  Setup 4 cones in a zig zag pattern that finishes on the wing.  Start at the top of the pattern and simply complete 5 stationary behind the back dribbles.  Then attack the cones and make a hard behind the back dribble at each cone.  Once you're through the cones attack the free throw line.  Once you arrive the free throw line execute the move from above, create space, and knockdown the jump shot.  Get your rebound and repeat the drill 5 times from the left and 5 times from the right.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Making crisp behind the back dribbles at the beginning
  • Attacking the free throw line full speed
  • Stopping on a dime
  • Making a quick behind the back dribble
  • Creating as much space as possible with the step back


The Weave Drill

How To Do This Drill:

Line up 4 cones about 3-4 feet apart in a straight line perpendicular to the backboard.  The line of cones should end at about the 3 point line.  Start behind the cones and weave in and out of the cones doing three different variations of crossovers.  The first variation is taking 2 dribble then crossing over weaving in and out of the cones.  The second variation is taking 1 dribble then crossing over weaving in and out of the cones and the final variation is using back to back crossovers to weave in n out of the cones.  Once you get through the cones you are going to get into a jump shot from the elbow.  You are going to take 5 going right and five going left of each variation.  The type of crossover you use to weave through the cones is your choice.

Points Of Emphasis:

  • To work on your ball handling in a confined space
  • To work on shooting the basketball out of the dribble
  • To perfect different crossover moves


 Last Thing...

I hope you found this resource helpful.  The basketball shooting drills on this page are all used for different purposes and all have their own reasons for doing them.  Like I said previously you need to alos utilize some basic spot up shooting as well along with other basketball drills that work on other parts of your skill set such as ball handling and finishing.

I would really appreciate a share, like, or email subscription if you found this to be useful and don't forget to bookmark it so you can find it in the future.

If you would like a complete scoring workout simply enter your email on any of the forms on this website and I'll email you the printable workout along with the videos of how to execute each drill.



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