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3 Basketball Drills For Kids: How to move without the ball

basketball drills for kids

One of the hardest things for players to understand is what to do when they don’t have the basketball.  So I put this video together that talks about that.  I also included 3 basketball drills for kids to use to get used to moving without the basketball.  So go ahead and take 5 minutes, watch…

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Basketball Drills To Improve Your Shooting Form

Proper shooting form; It’s what extends your range and how you make more shots. Need some drills to get your shot where you want it? We’ve got you covered in this shooting form drill video:  ↓   Important Note: If you’re ever confused, always refer back to the video above for specifics. The drill breakdowns and a…

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MUST DO Basketball Drills For Power Forwards and Centers

Do you battle inside the sacred paint of big men only “get out of my house” territory?! Are you a big man seeking to to dominate and destroy your competition on the block?!?!  If you answered affirmatively, the following post move video is for you. Go forth young post baller. Before we get into finishing drills, let’s make…

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The World’s Best Basketball Moves To Score The Ball

the easy way to score

The following video, about the best moves in basketball, is straight-forward, basketball wizardry. Check it out below: Why is this video effective for your game? The answer is elementary. The best things in life are simple–Love, family, brand new socks… Finding basketball success doesn’t have to be so complicated either. It may take dedication, but…

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Move Specific Ball Handling Drill: Reverse Through The Legs Snatch

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AWESOME Shooting Drill For Basketball Players To Get A Wet Jumper

shooting drill for basketball

Here is a new shooting drill for basketball players looking to work on there ball handling and pull up jumper and their retreat dribble. I’ve recently been using drills that incorporate the retreat dribble aka back dribble you’ll see in this video. I don’t think that it is something that you should use often as…

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Full Court Basketball Drill To Minimize Over Dribbling

full court basketball drill

Three in one! There are three different variations to this drill and really you can get creative and come up with many more as well using different crossover moves and different number of dribbles. First Variation: Out of triple threat take 1 dribble to get to the free throw line and then make a through…

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Ball Handling Drill For Better Fingertip Control

better ball handling drill

This video will show you how to get better handles by improving your finger tip control. This drill has 4 different variations. If some are too advanced for you just stick with the ones you can do and get really good at those and then move on. You can see that I’ve done this drill…

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Try This KILLER Basketball Workout For Guards

basketball workout for guards

Do you ever have big plans to improve your game and then you get to the gym and are like, uuuuhhhh… What now? I remember those days as a 14 year old freshman. I’d watch Kobe drop 40 and get all pumped up. I’d hop on my bike and ride down to the junior high…

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Basketball Finishing Drill To Help Improve Your Layups

how to improve your layups

You’re here because you want to improve your layups. I have a great drill for that. Let’s get right into the drill 🙂    

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