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These tutorials breakdown different basketball moves so that you can use them when you play.

The 6 Most Important Basketball Layups

The layup is supposed to be the highest percentage shot in the game.  Yet, it’s probably the most missed shot as well.  If you can master these 6 basketball layups you’ll have a large arsenal of ways to finish inside.  As a player you know that you can’t always time your steps perfectly or even…

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How to Shoot a Basketball Using Hesitation Footwork

There are a billion different ways to score in basketball. Maybe that’s why I love this game so much. However, choosing the moves that fit your personal play-style, and practicing them till you’re bored to tears, is the absolute best way to achieve real, game-time results. The video below is a walkthrough on how to shoot a basketball using hesitation footwork.…

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Destroy your Defender: The Best Basketball Moves To Get Past Defenders

One of my favorite moves of all time is the legendary In n Out Dribble. Yes, the regular ol’ In N Out. As “easy” as you may think it is, the devil’s in the detail baller nation. The difference between a defender falling over, and a defender not even being aware you made a move, is with the…

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Basketball Dribble Moves To Create Separation

There’s a killer lil’ move I’ve had in my arsenal for a while now. Take the time today to really drill and execute this one guys, it’s extremely helpful if you’re looking for more buckets. I used it all the time playing professional ball overseas in Germany— I thought I would make a video about…

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Basketball Tutorial: How to Move Without The Ball Like Klay Thompson

A lot of players don’t value moving without the basketball. Often times, in fact way too many times, I see courts where players just stand around. Sometimes they even have their hands on their hips just watching their own game. Honestly, just buy some popcorn and sit down in the stands at that point. Don’t be…

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How To Spin Move in Basketball

The Spin Move is a fundamental ball handling technique that should be universally instilled in any serious basketball player. It’s just too juicy a move to ignore. Guards especially, should make the most out of this move. The Spin Move does it all: Peep this in-depth Spin Move video guide below:   The Important Details About the Spin Move: Pound…

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3 SHIFTY Basketball Moves To Create Space & Break Ankles

There are a few slick moves poppin’ up here and there in the league that really haven’t gotten enough attention. I thought I’d break them down in this video and let you guys know just how to do them yourselves. Click that video below to learn the shake and bake I’m talking about. Here’s my…

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EXACTLY How to Dribble A Basketball Behind Your Back

There are probably several behind the back dribble techniques you aren’t aware of. The following video is a comprehensive guide on using the behind the back (as well as, the around the back) to blow by defenders and make sick plays. Watch the video below to learn a few moves which are as effective as they are flashy. Cross…

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The World’s Best Basketball Moves To Score The Ball

the easy way to score

The following video, about the best moves in basketball, is straight-forward, basketball wizardry. Check it out below: Why is this video effective for your game? The answer is elementary. The best things in life are simple–Love, family, brand new socks… Finding basketball success doesn’t have to be so complicated either. It may take dedication, but…

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The Kevin Durant Crossover and his other Go To Moves

Kevin Durant’s game demands attention. He’s a 4 time scoring champion, and he’s got the tiniest neck in the league. While copping a tiny neck might be impossible, copying some of the best moves in his playbook might get you somewhere on the scoreboard. The video below’s about The Kevin Durant Crossover and his other Go To Moves. There are three KD signature…

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