Basketball Finishing Drill To Help Improve Your Floater

basketball finishing drills

It’s the weirdest thing…

Sometimes when I’m just having small talk with people they’ll say something like, “well, you’re really tall so that helps.

I’m 6’2″.

In the basketball world I’m a midget.

So what do midgets do?

We work on our floaters, lol.  I’m guessing that’s why you’re on the page right now is that you need to figure out a better way of finishing inside against bigger defenders.

I know I do.

Well the floater is one of the best ways in basketball to do that and I have a drill you can use to practice your floater in this post.

But first things first.  You need to walk before you can run.  So first you should learn how to shoot a floater on this page here.

The actual move that we will be using in this basketball finishing drill is the pro hop, but we will be using it in a unconventional way because the goal of this drill is to get a high volume of floaters up in a short amount of time.

The footwork is important though because we don’t want to practice traveling, lol.

So basically for this finishing drill you want to jump off your left foot when you’re pro hopping left and jump off your right when you’re pro hopping right.

Here’s just a small demo.

finishing drill demo

When pro hopping left jump off your left, and vice versa going right.

If you have cones then use cones for this.  If you don't have cones you can use t-shirts, water bottles, or nothing even.

But normally you will need about 9 cones and you will set them up in three rows like the picture below.

floater drill cone setup

So basically you are going to start on the outside of one side of the cones pro hop over that first set of cones and shoot the floater.  Then you will continue pro hopping over the cones until you get to the outside.  On the outside spots use the backboard and on the 2 inside spots don't.

Here is one final diagram of how the drill works.

how the drill works

I recommend that you do this drill with a partner who can rebound because it just works better, but if you don't have one, no worries.

Now here is the complete breakdown of this drill in video.

Baby Pro Hop Finisher

I hope that all made sense to you.

Let me clarify if not.

Variation 1

Whatever direction you are pro hopping in (right or left) you are going to shoot he ball with that same hand.

For example: if you are pro hopping right you will shoot with the right hand and vice versa.

Variation 2

Now whatever direction you are pro hopping in (right or left) you will shoot with the opposite hand.

For example: if you are pro hopping right you will shoot with the left.

Advanced Variation

After finishing the first two variation I recommend that you move the cones even further away from the basket and work repeat the drill again.  This is the advanced version, but by challenging yourself you will improve faster.

Remember if you miss a shot you must make it from that spot before you move on.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the correct footwork and that you are landing on two feet every time so you don't develop bad habits that will cause you to get called for a travel in the games.

To learn the exact footwork on the pro hop simply share this page on social media and you will unlock a complete step by step video tutorial that will teach you how to pro hop.

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