Basketball Motivation – 10,000 Hours

Have you ever heard this quote?

When you’re not working out someone somewhere is and when you two meet with all things being equal, they will beat you.

I totally believe in this.  I am the one who is working out when you are not.  I won’t let anyone out work me.  That is the mentality that you need to have as well.  I know you work hard, but are you THE hardest worker.

That is the question.

If your answer is “No I’m not the hardest worker on the team, but I’m the best player.” Then you will be beat at the next level by someone who is both.

Trust me.

I have played at every level from junior high basketball to freshman high school to varsity to college and now professionally.  The only reason I have been able to keep playing and have made every team I’ve tried out for is because I made sure that NO ONE out worked me.

I don’t know if it is because I am such a competitive person or because I just have this chip on my shoulder, but that’s the way I live my life.

If we are walking from the car to the gym together guess who is going to enter the gym doors first?


If coach says get on the baseline guess who is going to be on the baseline first?


If we are ordering at the drive thru guess who is going to order the healthier meal?


And you know what?

I’m not that special.  There are millions of other people just like me doing the same thing.  They are “Go Getters.”

Take Kyle Wong and his little brother Matty Wong for example.

I actual knew of Kyle before this was released (he played 1 year at my old University before transferring) and his little brother Matty is probably going to be competing against you for a scholarship someday.  They refuse to be outworked.

Don’t believe me?

Watch the video below…



  • Kemily

    Reply Reply August 12, 2013

    This has inspired me so much. I realize now that I have not been working as hard as I can after seeing this.

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply August 14, 2013

      I’m glad to hear that.

  • Roberto Martinez

    Reply Reply August 18, 2013

    omfg what have i been doing with my time

  • Kyle Coleman

    Reply Reply September 23, 2013

    That’s amazing I’m in awe.

  • Sunny

    Reply Reply April 27, 2015

    the video says private so i can’t see it. Augie plz help.

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply April 30, 2015

      Sorry, I guess he changed the link.

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