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These are all Baller Boot Camp Podcast Episodes.

Podcast 7: The Proper Etiquette Of Calling Fouls In Pickup Basketball

basketball foul calling

Don’t you just hate it when you go to play some pickup at a local gym or outdoor court and you can’t even finish a game because everyone’s arguing the entire time? That happens way too often. Part of the reason that happens is that people don’t know the proper etiquette to calling fouls. I’ve…

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Podcast 6: Game-Day Preparation

game day preparation for basketball

In this weeks podcast I share my exact game-day routine. “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin I’m a little superstitious so my game-day preparation is very important to me. But at the same time there are many things that are crucial to performing at your best and doing things can…

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Podcast 5: How To Get Open And Get The Basketball

how to get open in basketball

In today’s podcast we share 5 tips on how to get open in basketball. Players, have you ever felt like your teammates are not passing you the ball? Well maybe they aren’t, but there could be a very, very good reason for that. You’re not open. Being open to receive a pass is one of…

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Podcast 4: How To Stay Out Of Foul Trouble

foul trouble

I’m not really sure how I feel about podcasting yet. If you think that I should keep it up and you’re enjoying them make sure you let me know by leaving me a 5 star review on Itunes.  I would really appreciate it and it would give me some feedback that I should continue with…

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Podcast 0: About Augie Johnston & Baller Boot Camp

Welcome to episode #0. I just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the podcast world. Most people who listen to this will most likely know who I am and what I’m about, but in case you found me through Itunes or something I want to make sure I can introduce myself before getting into the…

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Podcast 3: Let Em Talk – How to Deal With Cocky Players

let em talk

Today’s podcast is more for players than coaches, sorry Phil Jackson I know you listen to the podcast 😉 It seems like basketball unlike other sports is just jam packed of players who think they are God’s gift to the game. If you know me then you know that I’m all for players believing in…

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Podcast 2: Why My Coach Subbed Me Out With 2 Seconds Left

basketball subbing

I normally am the kind of player that never talks back to the coach and tries to stay in line as much as possible… …But in this situation I vividly remember saying something back to my coach, lol. You can listen to the podcast to see exactly what I said.  It wasn’t anything crazy, but…

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Podcast 1: How And When To Use Fouls At The End Of A Basketball Game

fouls in basketball

Most people who watch basketball simply for entertainments usually hate it when teams start to foul at the end of the game. It really does make the last 30 seconds of a game turn into 10 to 15 minutes of foul shooting. As a player it’s great when your team is up by 5 points…

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