How To Cross Someone In Basketball

how to cross someone

Just like I state in the video breakdown…

If you’re only goal is to cross someone up then you’re not playing the right way.

But if you’re here because you find yourself in a 1 on 1 situation pretty often where you need to create a shot for yourself because the shot clock is running out then I’m sure you can find some value in this crossover tutorial.

Also, even I can’t deny the fact that is feels great when you trick a defender into thinking you’re going one way when really you’re pulling up wide open in the other direction.

The first part of learning how to cross someone in basketball is knowing how to make the kind of crossover that will break someone down.

For a more in depth breakdown of how to crossover you can watch this.

And now on to the breakdown of how to cross someone in basketball…

Here is a quick summary of how to cross someone:

  • Set Up Your Defender: Use a through the legs, double through the legs, in n out, or really any dribble move that gets the defender moving a little
  • Execute a Proper Crossover: Bring the ball out, get into an attack position, cross back over in the opposite direction
  • Make a Play: Either blow by the defense and get to the basket to score or draw help and dish..or..pull up for a jump shot if you're open.

If you're playing some 1 on 1 this weekend then give this stuff a try and see if it works for you.

But if you can't crossover well yet then you should definitely start with that first.

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