EXACTLY How to Dribble A Basketball Behind Your Back

There are probably several behind the back dribble techniques you aren’t aware of.

The following video is a comprehensive guide on using the behind the back (as well as, the around the back) to blow by defenders and make sick plays.

Watch the video below to learn a few moves which are as effective as they are flashy. Cross someone with one of these and the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” are almost mandatory.

Check it out:

If you don’t know how to dribble a basketball behind your back… now you do. Especially if you go out there are practice. That will always be the most effective means of securing a basketball move in your game. Constant repetition means your muscle memory can do the thinking while you’re looking to make plays. 

Some tips for the behind your back from the video: 

  • Remember to load up your weight on a foot to really push off and blow by a defender. Just like an elite sprinter, you need to be in a ready position to explode.
  • That pound dribble is extremely helpful for wrapping the ball around yourself and really committing to the success of the move
  • Don’t mess with the Karaoke step unless you have solid footwork and ball handling skills.

Check out this lil’ Rubio highlight:

Back to back behind your back crosses for the bucket! Notice it’s more of a wrap around then the “V” Augie pointed out the video.

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