How To Dribble A Basketball Better

In this post I am going to explain the basic fundamentals on how to dribble a basketball plus so much more.

“…It’s a ball you weirdo, you just bounce it.”

Well not exactly, I wish it was that simple, but it truly isn’t.

Especially when you have these long armed, lightning quick, blood thirsty defenders doing everything in their power to make you dribble off of your own foot in front of 1,000 spectators. (And yes, that’s happened to me.)

But that’s not the only reason you should want to improve your dribbling abilities.

The dribble can be a real weapon when used correctly.

Ok, so first lets break down the exact basketball fundamentals of how to dribble.

Dribbling Form

Keep the Basketball Close To Your Body
how to dribble a basketball

You don't want to allow a defender to reach out and touch the basketball in any way.

So keep it in your house and don't allow any trespassing.

Dribble The Ball With Your Fingertips

Your fingertips are your control.  When you take a jump shot you want the ball on your fingertips and nothing changes for when you are dribbling.  Don't let that ball touch the palm of your hand.

Push Your Elbow Through The Basketball

Just like when you take a jump shot and your arm snaps and is fully extended into a follow through, you want that same snapping motion while dribbling.  The progression of your arm pushing the ball into the floor should be: shoulder, elbow, then wrist.  That meaning, first your shoulder should lower to push down, then your elbow is extending, and finally your wrist is snapping the ball to the floor.

You don't want to dribble with all wrist because then your dribble is not strong (slow) and probably not protected in close to your body.

How To Control the Basketball

Ball In Hand Time

The refers to the amount of time that the ball stays in a players hand without carrying.

Great ball handlers dribble with a rhythm.

They go quick-quick-pause-quick...

In the video below you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

Watch as Chris Paul has the ball in his hand longer at times and shorter at time and he has a nice rhythm to his dribble that makes him more shifty.

He has great control over the basketball.

basketball dribbling

If you want to be able to dribble the basketball just like Chris Paul was in that video I have the perfect dribbling drill for you as well.

Not only does it work to improve you ball control, but it works to add new moves to your game just like one's King James was using in that video.

Ok, so now I've explained every thing in writing, gave you an example, gave you a drill, and now I'd like to explain everything in more detail within a video.

Make sure you watch until the end and soak up all the knowledge because at the end of the video I give you a little test you can do to see how much ball control you have.

The Complete Breakdown and Test

From my understanding you're on this page because you want to learn how to dribble better and simply learning how is not going to make you a better ball handler.

You need to actually go into the gym and work on your handles with high quality drills.

So I put together a complete dribbling workout.

You can download the PDF below, print it out, and take it to the gym.

Each drill on the PDF will link you over to a video where you can watch how to execute the drill.

Just share this page and the workout is all yours.  I appreciate the support.

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  • Better Ball Handling Workout
    Better Ball Handling Workout

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