How To Play Defense In Basketball

how to play defense

Ok, if you came here to learn how to play better defense…

…I SALUTE you.

Because really I haven’t talked much about defense have I?

Did you notice?

You didn’t?

Do you take pride in your defense?

You should.

But for some reason when you ask a player after the game how many they scored they can give you an answer…

But if you ask how many the guy THEY were defending scored they wouldn’t know.

Lock up.

Hold him to 2 points.

That’s like dropping 30…defensively 😉

And in today’s video I’m going to talk teach you how to play defense and give you some tips you can use to become a better defender.

Great defenders have AWESOME lateral movement.

Here are a couple agility drills you can use to improve your defense in basketball.




  • Prasanth Madana

    Reply Reply November 27, 2015

    Can you make a video or post something on tips to guard and play a mismatch? Because my team sets screens a lot and the league does a lot to, and we usually switch on screens. But I usually let 2 points go when I’m guarding someone small (I’m a big guy) because they’re quicker than me.

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply December 1, 2015

      That is really tough. Just make sure you give him space and keep a hand up. I’ll think about how I can make a video for that.

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