How To Spin Move in Basketball

The Spin Move is a fundamental ball handling technique that should be universally instilled in any serious basketball player. It’s just too juicy a move to ignore. Guards especially, should make the most out of this move.

The Spin Move does it all:

  • Protect the ball in the open court
  • Blow by defenders, especially as a counter move
  • Get a controlled jump-shot off with the space created

Peep this in-depth Spin Move video guide below:  

The Important Details About the Spin Move:

Pound Dribble: We want that ball to be in our hand as long as possible. When we “switch hands” during the move, we haven’t created as much space as we could have by really pulling that ball around and in front of us. The harder the ball comes up in your hand, the longer it’s going to be there. As I say in the video, “that’s just physics.”

Basketball Tip:

In order to make the Spin Move more effective, and your ball-handling in general, it's important you get used to really pounding the ball into the ground during ball handling workouts. You need to build that ball-handling strength to really keep the "ball on a string."

Stride-Stop into the Spin: When setting up the footwork for the spin move, both feet should be stable and on the ground. This is almost a jump-stop, but both feet don’t have to hit the floor at the same time. You can almost take a “1-2” step into it, while learning the move. However for the maximum explosiveness, you’re really looking to cock back those fast-twitch muscles and land your two feet at the same time. Try not to be too “flat-footed” with the footwork, get yourself on the balls of your feet in order to be as quick and athletic as possible. If it’s athletically intense, but much quicker, you know you’re working on something good.

Pulling the Ball Back: It may feel like the ball is exposed with the dribble after the spin. In actuality, you’re not dribbling the ball to be exposed in front of you. Limit this exposure by making sure you’re “pulling” the ball back to you on that last dribble. Get the ball into the opposite hand, after the spin portion of the move, and in a “blow by stance”, to really take advantage of the space you’ve just created. Now you’re ready to explode and create some offense.

The Best Spin Move Drill and Variations:

Main Spin Move Drill:

  • 1

    Start from the base-line

    The base-line where the lane line intersects.

  • 2

    Pound the Ball

    Keep it controlled. Use that arm strength. Really push that ball into the ground.

  • 3

    Spin move

    Make sure to bring the ball back into your other hand at the end of the move. Keep it protected.

  • 4

    Repeat The Spin Move with the Other Hand

  • 5

    End Your Repetitions on the Elbow

    You can do more Spin Moves if you want, and end the drill further down the court. Don't do too many spins to get dizzy though. Just enough reps to get the muscle memory down.

Variation #1 of the Spin Move Drill:

Same steps as above, but every dribble needs to be on the opposite side of the key line and you must be facing forward when the move is complete. This proves you’re truly creating space and not just doing ballerina spins in front of your defender. That hard ball pound is what’s going to make sure you have that ball control. Make sure you’re pounding the ball.

Variation #2 of the Spin Move Drill:

Again, same steps as the main drill, but this time, incorporate a behind the back move after the spin is finished. Pound it, spin move, then behind the back. Every part of the move has to be tight and efficient. Make sure you already have a stable and gathered position for a strong behind the back dribble. Any “extra” and/or weak dribbles are cracks in your ball-handling’s armor. Rep it out where necessary. No gaps for a defender to exploit.

If you need more Spin Move inspiration, check out how Lebron spins his way into shot after shot. It’s great to see him execute the move from all different angles and distances. Sometimes it’s an elbow spin, sometimes base-line. Sometimes he spins on a fast break, sometimes he spins a help defender. As long as you understand the fundamentals and muscle memory mechanics of the move, there are a plethora of opportunities to use this move.


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