My Sanctuary Basketball Court – Rattelsdorf, Germany 2011

In my second season playing overseas in Germany I played in the 1.Regionalliga.  I lived in a small village of only 2,000 people.  In Germany it is very difficult to get gym time, believe it or not.  Basketball is not very popular in Germany compared to other sports so there really just aren’t that many courts.  In America we have many more options with health clubs and more college gyms.

I was lucky enough this season to have access to the key of this small school gym.  In the video below I explain why this basketball court if special to me.  The gym truly is my sanctuary where my mind focuses on one thing and every other worry in my life disappears.  That’s one of the reasons I love the game.

Basketball in this part of Germany though is actually much more popular than in any other part.  So it was a fun season filled with playing and watching other teams in my league as well as first league basketball.


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