The Kevin Durant Crossover and his other Go To Moves

Kevin Durant’s game demands attention. He’s a 4 time scoring champion, and he’s got the tiniest neck in the league.

While copping a tiny neck might be impossible, copying some of the best moves in his playbook might get you somewhere on the scoreboard.

kevin-durant-may-sign-with-roc-nation-black-enterpriseThe video below’s about The Kevin Durant Crossover and his other Go To Moves. There are three KD signature moves that are able to get off consistent shots, even if contested, and blow by defenders.

How do I know these moves work? He’s one of the all-time scoring greats. It’s literally his job to learn how to score on the best defense in the world. And he does it day in and day out.

Pay close attention to the following video so the next time you hit the court, and want to add a weapon to your arsenal, you can rep these moves out and gain some important offensive tools.

But where did these moves come from?

The first move is a very similar variation of the Dirk Nowitzki shot. It will give you a whole lot of space. Especially if you’re being guarded by a shorter defender, as mentioned in the video.

This is definitely a move and shot combo to practice hard on your own time. Although it might seem you have the footwork down, repping this move out will allow your shot to become more and more consistent after you’ve broken free from your defender. There’s no point in creating space if you can’t utilize it properly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Let’s be real here fam, don’t kick anyone in the nuts while you’re learning this.

And WHAT? KD’s got a version of the Allen Iverson cross as well? It’s true. Watch his predecessor razzle-dazzle. This move literally changed the carry calls in the league. I don’t think there’s more of a subtle compliment than changing the rules of basketball due to your game.

And if you’ve ever wanted to MASTER the Allen Iverson crossover…

I’ve actually got another video, just for this purpose. But this site is run with your guys’ support. Crush that share button to get access. It’s still %100 free. Let your homies know that you’re putting in the work and that they should too.

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