3 Fun and Challenging Basketball Dribbling Drills

fun basketball dribbling drills

These are not your ordinary drills.

These are 3 really run and challenging basketball dribbling drills.

Sometimes doing the same old stuff just gets boring.

I’ve been spending May through August the same way for the past 14 years.


Those are the peak times for working on an individual level to step my game up for the next season and that’s one of the main reasons I have a million drills.

People ask me all the time,

“Where did you learn all of these drills from?”

The truth is that I learned them from working out.

I either worked out with someone new that week and picked up a few ideas or the drills came to life out of my own necessity to get better.

Especially when it came to dribbling.

I remember being a freshman in college and I was doing ALOT of shooting.

I mean I was getting up close to 1,000 shots a day and that was 7 days a week.

One of my assistant coaches saw what I was doing (at that point I was very 1 dimensional, but a pretty good shooter) and he told me that I needed to sacrifice some of that time shooting and do some ball handling.  So that’s what I did.

I had no idea where to start.

I knew a few drills, but I wasn’t really sold on them as one’s that were going to really get me better.

I remember he showed me 3 drills and I stuck to those drills for the entire off season.

I REALLY improved to0.

And those drills were the foundation of my ball handling training for that off season.

But in time they got booooring.

So I decided it was time to look for some others.

And today I’m going to share with you 3 fun basketball dribbling drills that you have probably never seen before.

The first drill was a learned drill.

Dribble Precision Ball Handling Drill

Trust me, that drill is ALOT harder than it looks.  If you can do that drill without looking down then big props to you.

As you can see I have to look down often even though I try hard not to.

Now the next drill is one that I learned in Germany.

If you’re familiar with my story then you know, but for the Baller Nation newbies…

As of writing thing I have played 5 years professionally in Germany.

I learned this one in my 4th season playing for the SC Risters in the city of Wedel.

My coach would have us do this sometimes as he was big on keeping our skills sharp.

Every Monday we would do nothing but dribbling drills and shooting for the whole practice.

This drill really focuses on having quick hands and work to improve your off hand which is very important in ball handling to protect the basketball.

Quick Hands Ball Handling Drill

And finally our last drill is one that I learned while in college.

I was fortunate enough to make friends with a very smart basketball mind my freshman year of college.

He was a former player on his way to playing some NCAA D1 basketball.

He suffered a bad injury and that was taken from him, but he decided to go on to coach and he was and is one of the best player development coaches I have ever seen.

So through out my entire college career he worked with me and we would train on a consistent basis together.

We would start every workout with this very same drill.

It’s just a good way to work on your fingertip control and it is something that young players can really benefit from as well.

Wall Ball Handling Drill

So I guess the whole point of this article is to shed some light on some ball handling drills that are just “different.”

And to let you know that when it comes to basketball training there is no limit to what you can or should do.

Some people might say, “These drills make no sense!”

But the truth is that if you use them and are consistent you WILL improve.

Anytime you have a basketball in your hands you are improving.

And just like me the more drills you can learn the better player you will be and more engaging your workouts will be.
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