5 Basketball Drills For Post Players

basketball drills for post players

50 for 56…

That’s a good shooting percentage.

But that’s just average to my man Rashad “Deuce” Hassan.

Well at least when he’s getting his post reps in.

We worked out together 4 to 5 times a week while teammates in Europe.

He would always finish each shooting workout by getting 50 makes in from the post.

Here is the little series he would run through each time.

And normally he would only miss a few shots.

5 Basketball Drills for Post Players

Ok, so here are all the different variations.

And remember that he makes 5 from the right and 5 from the left for each variation.

  • Crab dribble to the middle and spin back baseline
  • Crab dribble to the middle finish with hook shot
  • Reverse pivot rip through or sweep to the baseline
  • Reverse pivot jab cross finish with a running hook or power hook
  • Reverse pivot Tim Duncan bank shots

You'll notice in the video that he finishes off two feet sometimes and off 1 foot sometimes.

Mix it up.

You should be able to do both.

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