How to Shoot a Basketball Using Hesitation Footwork

There are a billion different ways to score in basketball. Maybe that’s why I love this game so much.

However, choosing the moves that fit your personal play-style, and practicing them till you’re bored to tears, is the absolute best way to achieve real, game-time results.

The video below is a walkthrough on how to shoot a basketball using hesitation footwork.

Pro Hesitation Move into Your Shot ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you might already have a good idea of what this move looks like.

It’s one of the quickest razzle-dazzle moves out there. If you get this hesi move consistent, it’s honestly on demand scoring.

Having a feel for the timing of this move is critical.

When I made this “How to Shoot a Basketball Using Hesitation Footwork” I never really rushed the move nor was I obvious by slowing it down too much.  It’s a timing thing.

Just like how magicians, comedians, and even dancers have to practice their timing– basketball players looking to shatter their defenders mind must be able to perfectly time their tricks.

Here’s the breakdown of this hesitation move in 3 steps:

  • 1

    Dribble Off the Left Foot

    The footwork may feel a little awkward. Hopefully, it will look just as awkward to your defender. Overcoming your awkwardness, with repetitions, will do wonders. Why? Your defender, who hasn't seen this move or defended it as many times as you repped it, will stay awkward. This is exactly what we want.

  • 2

    Hang the Ball In Your Hand

    Having a strong dribble, with the ability hang the ball in your hand, will allow the timing of the hesitation move. High "ball in hand" time will ensure your defender has enough time to react. Without your defender freezing it won't work. Practice the timing of how long the ball has to be "hesitated," without a carry, is key.

  • 3

    Pull Up for A Jumpshot

    Nothing matters if you can't shoot the ball after the move. Not only shoot the ball, but shoot consistently. No one cares about your one highlight hesitation if your airball. Get your shots up! Everyday!

If you really love the hesi, and have mastered the footwork on one side, you may want to take it to the other side. It’s the exact same footwork and handwork, but the opposite.

It may be a little more awkward, as you’re bringing the ball into your shot pocket from what may feel like the “wrong” side. However, your repetitions should free yourself from this awkwardness.

Looking to kick this move up a notch?

If you’re looking to make your defender look silly, you’re going to want to add one more thing to the hesi. We want it to be impossible to read by your defender.

Mastering the basic hesitation move will grant you a chunk of time to get your shot off. However, what may grant you even more time, and perhaps a better shot, is instead of only the hesitation, add a “blow-by” and then into your shot.

A two part move into a three part move. 

The rhythm of the original hesitation move is:

1.) Hesitation, 2.) Pull-up

This “extra” level of shiftiness is:

1.) Hesitation, 2.) Blow-by Stance, 3.) Pull-up

What I mean by Blow-by Stance is getting into a stance that makes it look like you’re about to blow by your defender. Your hesitation will freeze the defender, who will most likely strongly react to the next move you make. Let this next move be a fake. If you give your defender’s mind the blow by stance, he’ll completely bite on it.

Pro Tip: Look at the direction you're about to dribble to, to further sell the blow by stance fake.

Essentially, performing a hesitation, and then into a blow-by fake, are simply two ways instead of one to protect your pull up jumpshot. Back to back shifty goodness.

And if you’re looking for even MORE moves to get your shot off… (Possibly even better?!)

Here’s a sick HYBRID drills video I made. It’s going to give you the tools you need to effectively crossover, make your defender fall, and then pull up or drive to the basket. It’s beautiful.

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