Basketball Tips For Shooting A Pull Up Jump Shot

basketball tips for shooting


If you haven’t heard…people are saying that the midrange pull up is the worst shot in basketball.

They say that statistically, you’re better off trying to get all the way to the basket or shoot the three.

But if you watch basketball you’ll notice that there are still many different players that do well with this shot.

So is it a bad shot?

Depends on who you are.

I really don’t think you want Chris Paul or Steph Curry to pass up an opportunity to shoot a pull up.

They get buckets with it.

And if you’re a shorter guard that can shoot then you probably shouldn’t shy away either.

And speaking of Steph Curry…

I noticed that sometimes he shoots the pull up a little differently than I was taught growing up.

Many times he takes short choppy steps into his shot.

I was always taught that you should take long steps to get away from the defense when shooting a pull up.

He instead takes short choppy ones.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Well how does he get his shot off then?”

He’s more focused on shot speed than creating space.

He can get a defender off balance or maybe even to leave his feet and then get into his pull up very quickly.

I’ll break down exactly what I’m talking about in the video below:

I hope you liked that breakdown and I went ahead and found some footage of Steph Curry kiiind of demonstrating this is a game.

Here you'll see him get the defender off balance and then just get into his shot very quickly and pull up.

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