Basketball Shooting Drills For Beginners: The Big Step Drill

basketball shooting drills for beginners

Most basketball shooting drills for beginners don’t focus on footwork at all.

The Big Step Shooting Drill does.

It is designed to work on your 1-2 step in a catch and shoot situation.

What makes this drill special is that you’re not moving towards the basket.

In basketball you are often moving away from the basket when you catch the ball and shoot it.

Whether you are relocating, running off a screen, or coming to the basketball you need to have the ability to catch the ball, pivot, get squared up, and shoot the basketball.

This is one of those drills that helps you with that.

Here is how you execute it:

Just like I said in the video I stole some drills from Dirk Nowitzki, and even though they are basketball shooting drills for beginners more advanced players can definitely benefit from them as well.

Training With Dirk Nowitzki

So it was my second season overseas and Rattlesdorf, the team I had just signed with, was about 40 minutes away from Wuerzberg.  That is Dirks hometown.

His trainer, Holger Geschwindner, lived about 20 minutes away from me in the opposite direction away from Wuerzberg.

So they would meet up at the gym my team used on a daily basis to train.

dirk shooting drill

Dirk Executing The Big Step Drill

I went and watched a few times and on the third day they asked if I would like to workout with them.

The stuff they were doing was unlike anything I had seen before, but I loved it.

The drills were fun and kept me engaged.

I took a quick look on Youtube to see if I could find any more videos of him training and I was surprised to not only find one, but to find a video where he is training in the exact same gym I described above.

This was our home gym, and a place that I recorded a lot of videos for back when Baller Boot Camp was called Hoop Honor.

Just take a look at the drills he is doing.

That will give you an idea on just how important footwork is.

Ahhh, the memories.

So at this point I think you're ready to start executing this drill and remember you don't have to do it just from the free throw line.

I recommend taking 2 cones and setting up the drill from a few other locations as well.

Take a look at the image below:

basketball shooting

You can also move the cones back and shoot threes

If you are interested in learning even more of the kind of drills I did that pre-season in Germany simply share this page using one of the buttons below and break down a few more shooting and finishing drills that I learned in the video below.

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    What’s the best way to make it over seas to play?

    • Augie Johnston

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      To have a very good college career and have an agent believe in you and get you a contract.

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