The Best Crossover In Basketball To Use Against Pressure

crossover tutorial

Not only am I going to show you the best crossover in basketball to use against pressure in this article, but I’m going to break down exactly how to execute that move so that you don’t struggle the next time someone picks you up full court.

It also is a good move because it can help you back up out of traps when teams are pressing.

So lets take a look at this move and break it down.

This move is a very safe move because you are shielding the basketball away from the defense with your leg just like in the picture below.

best crossover in basketball

Then you will actually create space away from the defense by using 1 or 2 retreat dribbles.

crossover number two

At this point you will create even more space by dropping that legs that is shielding the ball, crossover, and attack in the opposite direction.

Make sure that you keep your dribble very low on this because if your defender is overly aggressive this is the point in the move where the ball is most vulnerable to be stolen.

drop and crossover

So let's summarize how this move is broken down one last time:

  • Attack in one direction
  • Stop and shield the ball by stepping in front of your defender with your leg
  • Move away from the defender by using 1 or 2 back dribbles
  • Drop step and crossover to change directions
  • Attack in the opposite direction

There are a many different situations you might want to use this move in the game and most of them involve and overly aggressive defender that at that point in time you don't want to blow by.

That's why I call is the "best crossover in basketball to use against pressure."

So here are a few different situations you might want to use it in, and if you can think of some more I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

Being pressured full court: A lot of times when someone is picking you up full court you can just blow by them, but if you do attack in one direction and they cut you off this is the safest way to change directions on them.

In Trapping Situations: If you are breaking the press and all of sudden you are headed into the defenses trap you can use this move to back up and get out of danger.

When Setting Up the Offense: Say your team just got an offensive rebound, you have a full shot clock, you receive the ball, and now you have to setup a new play.  If that defender is all over you and trying hard to force you in one direction and you need to make a pass to the other side you can use this move keep the ball safe, setup the play, and get the ball to where it needs to go to.

When Help Defense Rotates Well: Say you attack baseline from the wing and the defense helps very well and everyone else rotates as might just be best to use this move to back out of the double and swing the ball.  This is difficult to explain in writing.  Watch the video to see what I mean.

Ok, I think we have gone deep enough into what I think is the best crossover in basketball to use against pressure.

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I hope you enjoyed this video and article and I'll catch you next time.

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