How To Be A Scorer That Teammates Love To Play With

Have you ever played with a player that always catches and dribbles the ball before taking a look at the rim to see what he or she already has?

Here is an even better question, is that player you?

These types of players are called, “ball stoppers” and even though they may make some really difficult shots, their shooting percentage is usually pretty low and the rest of the offense struggles to run smoothly.

Before we get started on the topic of scoring within the offense, I want to clarify my position on isolation moves, they are not bad, they just need to be used in the right moments. For example, if you have a mismatch or an end of clock situation that calls for you to create for yourself, you need to be able to use an iso move.

What I am saying, is that if isolation is the only way you are getting shots, you are missing out on so many other high percentage opportunities.

So here are 5 ways that you can score within the offense and help your team in doing so.


One of the best ways to get easy baskets is to simply sprint the floor as hard as you can. As soon as the ball is rebounded by your team, get up the floor and fill a lane. This puts pressure on the defense and opens up great scoring opportunities for yourself or for teammates. If you can beat the defense up the floor you will find yourself getting easy basket after easy basket.

Set Plays

The better you know your team’s set plays, the better you will be able to find shots within the offense. Instead of worrying about whether you are in the right position or if you are doing the right thing, you are able to read the defense and find opportunities to get high percentage shots.

This only happens though if you are willing to put the time in and learn the offense. It is also important that you learn the offense from multiple positions. It will give you a better understanding of the play, and also allow you to play more because you can execute from different spots.

Hard Cuts

When you cut through the defense you should be cutting to score. You aren’t going to get the ball every time, but there are going to be times when your hard cut opens up an easy finish at the basket. Set your defender up, and then cut to score. This will open up so many great scoring chances.

Pass the Ball

You are probably thinking, “how does passing the ball help me score more points?” The reason it helps you score more points is because it keeps the help defense honest. If you are always attacking to score, the help defense is going to swarm you and force you to take a tough shot.

However, if you are willing to give the ball up when the defense helps, it will make them pay for over helping, and the next time they will likely stay home with their man; which leaves you open for a finish.

Set Screens

Some of the best shots within an offense come from setting great screens for another teammate. It forces your defender to help out and allows you to roll, space, or slip for an open shot. It only works though if you are willing to set a great legal screen.

You won’t get the ball every time you set a screen because sometimes it will open up a shot for your teammate, but once your teammate starts to make the defense pay they will over help and that will leave you open.


There is a big difference between volume shooters and pure scorers, and these 5 ways to score within the offense will help you be the latter. If you really commit to working on these areas by doing basketball drills that work on game specific moves and looking for opportunities in a game, you will realize just how many great shots are available.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kyle Ohman is the co-creator of, a basketball training website designed for coaches and players. He was a thousand point scorer at Liberty University (Div. 1) and was ranked the 19th best shooter in the country by Fox Sports going into his senior year. Kyle has also played professionally in Spain. Most recently he coached a high school team out of Brandon, FL that played on a national level and beat the 12th ranked team in the nation. Coach Kyle has a promising career in the basketball industry as a coach and an individual trainer.

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