Podcast 14: What’s The Best Way To Stop an ELITE SCORER

In today’s episode we discuss an interesting topic.  When I say “WE” I am referring to my friend, basketball junkie, and sports talk radio host Greg Cunningham.

I took a looong break from podcasting (like a year break) because I didn’t get too much positive feedback on doing the podcasts, plus it was getting pretty stale with just my voice in each one so I brought in Greg to improve the show.

Our first episode together was far from perfect and we found many things that we needed to improve upon, but I still wanted to get this first episode out to guys.

Like always this podcast is to help and entertain Baller Nation so let us know in the comments any suggestions or topics you might have for us.

I know if we can stick with this and work hard on it we can build something pretty cool.

Ok, let’s get into the episode now.

Ok, like I said we are still working out the bugs and trying to find our rhythm.

I'm normally a perfectionist with the content I put out, but with this I feel like getting anything out is better than nothing.

I thank you so much for supporting and checking out my stuff!

Have a good day!


Augie Johnston

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