The World’s Best Basketball Moves To Score The Ball

the easy way to score

The following video, about the best moves in basketball, is straight-forward, basketball wizardry.

Check it out below:

Why is this video effective for your game? The answer is elementary.

The best things in life are simple–Love, family, brand new socks…

Finding basketball success doesn’t have to be so complicated either. It may take dedication, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

Take Javale McGee for example, definitely needs to hear this advice:

Sure, perfect a string of moves that has twenty actions in it– crossover, behind the back, hesi jump-shot.  If you’re James Harden that might be exactly what you want to practice.

But that’s definitely not what you ONLY want to practice…even for him.

As in the video, this type of move is considered a “Small Rock.” Something you won’t be doing often.  You need to be training “Big Rock” basketball moves if you want to find consistent success.

This is exactly why I’m not afraid of our Youtube Title: The World’s Best Basketball Moves To Score The Ball. The best moves in the world aren’t the complicated moves on ESPN highlight reels. It’s repping the classic “catch and shoot” until you’re 100% confident scoreboards will read how you want them to.

Let’s summarize this video’s BIG ROCK moves:

  • Catch and Shoot
  • Catch and Rip-through
  • Counter to the Rip-through attacking base-line
  • Counter to the Rip-through attacking middle (long jab)

Of course, repping the catching and shooting is the most important part of this. This is the meat. If you’d like some special-sauce though, these counters will make the best basketball moves in the world that much more effective.

If you’d like even more moves to blow by defenders, the following video is incredibly helpful for ballers looking to get around their defender at any moment they choose…

It’s 8 of The Best Basketball Moves To Blow By a Defender:

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