Basketball Shooting Drills For Guards – Stephen Curry Move

Different basketball shooting drills work on different skill sets.  For example, some drills focus on simply catching and shooting the ball.  While others (like this one) focus on shooting the ball out of a move.  Although you should strive to have the same shooting mechanics in every shot you take the fact of the matter is that there are a ton of different factors that go into making a shot and no two shots are the same.

No Two Shots Are The Same

After playing on ball defense for 15 seconds straight, contesting a shot, sprinting your lane, setting a screen, running off a screen, and then shooting a three pointer you are going to have to shoot a much different shot then you would if you simply walk the ball up the court, use a pick and roll and pull up from midrange.  The level of energy and power you have in those two situations is different as well as the distance from the basket, your shooting footwork, and much more.

That is why you need to work on all variables and situations in your basketball shooting drills.  In this drill today we break down a move that many great point guards use and I even give you a drill to work on your shot out of this drill.

Why It’s Great For Point Guards

Point guards usually have the role of breaking down the defense by blowing past there defenders to find assist opportunities.  So defenders are used to reacting to change of direction blow by moves.  This move is basically a counter to that.

How To Execute This Basketball Move

  • Attack in one direction
  • Crossover through your legs
  • Push off your foot just like you would be doing a step back
  • Create that space and shoot the jump shot

How To Execute This Basketball Shooting Drill

  • Dribble down to the wing from almost half court
  • Simulate using a pick & roll and attack middle
  • When you approach the first cone execute the through the legs
  • Step back behind the second row of cones
  • Shoot the jump shot, rebound and repeat

Video Drill Demonstration


Now remember not all basketball shooting drills are designed to add new basketball moves to your game.  This one does.  If you add this to your training and can eventually master this drill and move then you will be a better player than you were before.  Having the ability to create space between yourself and your defender is a great weapon to have and forces the defender to make a decision.  Either close that space which gives you the opportunity to blow by in the opposite direction, or to not close that space which leaves you free to shoot.

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