The Basketball Training Series Part 4: 1 on 1

basketball 1 on 1

I know I’m asking for it…

But go ahead and leave your critiques of me in the comments of this post after you watch the 1 on 1 game between Connor and I.

Please don’t hurt my feelings 😉

We finally made it to Part 4 of the series.

Can you believe that part 1, 2, 3, and 4 were all just ONE workout that I put Connor and Alex through?

That’s a tough workout.

Especially when you take into consideration that we played 3 games of 1 on 1 at the end.

In today’s video you will see us working on a move called “The Dead Leg” and it’s a stop and start move.

After that we jump into the 1 on 1 and thats it for the series.

I hope you enjoyed it thus far, make sure you check out some of my other stuff, and let’s get into the video.

If you liked this little 4 part series and want the same training that Connor's getting in these videos I have a step by step program that can totally transform your game.

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  • Gary Jefferson

    Reply Reply November 3, 2015

    I won’t beat you up but it appears you guys are primarily focusing on OFFENSE. However, I’m a defensive expert in the vain of “Scottie Pippen”–I’m much older so I’m the first. “lol”… Nonetheless, I never miss a beat…TOO MUCH SPACING and there is a technique for guarding anyone ANYSIZE and dominate. The name of the game is:
    defend-rebound-finish. Specifically, there are 4 rules of defense…master them and you can guard anyone. They don’t teach this but Pippen knew them instinctively–like myself. The difference, I postulated them and criticize the entire NBA for not knowing.
    Take a look at this video and you’ll understand why “no Pippen…NO RINGS. “FACT NOT FICTION”….he lead the Bulls in 5 different stats…be sure to pause the video and read the comments of MJ himself. He tells you what Scottie does,,,,,SOMETHING HE COULD NOT DO HIMSELF…….. Jordan was great but watch and learn for yourself…

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply November 10, 2015

      I agree that Defense is important. I don’t teach it too often you’re right. But I should. Either way I appreciate your comment and insight.

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