Basketball Dribble Moves To Create Separation

There’s a killer lil’ move I’ve had in my arsenal for a while now. Take the time today to really drill and execute this one guys, it’s extremely helpful if you’re looking for more buckets.

I used it all the time playing professional ball overseas in Germany— I thought I would make a video about the move, why it works, and what drills you can use to incorporate it into your game.

If you’re looking for an effective, high-light reel addition to your existing basketball dribble moves, you’ve come to the right place.

Check This Separation Move Out:

This move is essentially a “Through the Legs ‘Stop on a Dime'” move. If you guys want to name this something, make sure to comment and share! I’m sure the move has been done before, but I don’t think it’s as widely known as it should be, or that anyone’s labeled it yet. Together, maybe we can advance basketball knowledge, you know? : P

Anyways, it’s almost like a jump stop, but unlike a normal jump stop, it leads directly into a shot or a counter if the defense bites on the shot.

It’s simple, it’s a little difficult to master, and it’s ridiculously effective.

The beauty of this move is that you can go into it at full speed.

Often times, I see guards trying to execute a jump shot from full speed. But they haven’t stopped all the way. They’re off balanced. I see their bodies drift in the air waaay too much to make a reliable and consistent shot. Some off-balance shooting is manageable, but to do so from full speed requires practice.

This move solves that consistency problem.

Go from a wide stance, with the jump-stop through the legs to regain balance. After, you’re into your normal, on-balance, shot stance. Easy money. $$$

That being said, I’m going into drills below; Make sure to actually practice this move to make it consistent. There’s no point in learning a new move that increases consistency if you don’t actually practice that consistency. Drills and alternate drills below guys!

After the execution of the jump-stop through the legs portion of the move, there are also counters to the move to protect it. No defender should be able to read you. Having counters ensures the defense stays honest and you get more buckets.

Here Are The Move’s Primary Options

  • Normal finish: Into a jump-shot. Stay on balanced for the easy shot.
  • Counter 1: Shot fake into a "Blow by" move to cross the defender who reached for the normal jump-shot.
  • Counter 2: Step back to gain even MORE space for the jump-shot.

The Drill for This Move

The cool thing about this move is you can practice and execute it many different ways. It’s hard to tell you exactly how to drill it because there are numerous variations.

You can practice this move stationaryinto a shot, and from full speed. Perhaps drill the move about 20 times with every version or alternate of the move you choose.

Drill Tip

When you rep this move, make sure not to bobble the ball after the between the legs portion. It's crucial. Get that ball into your shot-line. You're trying to work out the inconsistencies while you drill and this will be the most difficult part of the repetitions.

If you’re looking for alternate ways to drill this move, you can also do the following variations:

Drill Variations

  • 1

    Variation: Alternate/Scissors

    Repeat the through the legs portion of the move twice in a row. Really quicken those fast twitch muscles. Again, make sure not to bobble the ball on it's way to your shot line. You need a consistent shot after this move or it's worthless.

  • 2

    Variation: 3-peat

    This is almost the same as scissors but it's 3 in a row. You can also do this 4 or 5 times. Too many though and you won't be used to catching the ball in your shot line.

  • 3

    Variation: Shot Line Catches

    Perhaps you really want to learn not to bobble the ball. Maybe you've got the footwork and ball handling down, but the shooting aspect doesn't feel "all day." Rep the normal through the legs portion of the move, catch the ball in your shot line, and then repeat that exact motion 3 or 4 more times until you finally shoot the ball. Yes, it's double dribble. It's about the catching aspect for this alternate. Find more information about this drill in the video.

And if you’re looking for 3 MORE moves, make sure to check out the video below: 3 Shifty Moves to Create Space and Break Ankles. 

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