Destroy your Defender: The Best Basketball Moves To Get Past Defenders

One of my favorite moves of all time is the legendary In n Out Dribble. Yes, the regular ol’ In N Out. As “easy” as you may think it is, the devil’s in the detail baller nation. The difference between a defender falling over, and a defender not even being aware you made a move, is with the details–the extra things you do to kick it up a notch.

Destroy your Defender with the Video Below:

Tips To Kick The In N Out Up a Notch

1.) The Letter “C”

The basic “shape” of the In N Out Dribble is the letter “C”. Exaggerate this shape as much as possible to really sell the fake. If the letter the ball forms is more of a “{” shape, you need some help. Really try for that “C” motion as it will indicate your full “fake” intent to your defender.

BALLER WARNING: Do not carry the ball. Always push the boundaries, in terms of what the rules allow, but putting your hand under the ball will always be a carry-- on any court you play.

2.) Set up Another Move

The In N Out move can also be incredibly useful to set up a defender for your next move. Using that split second for an In N Out Dribble will create the timing you need to execute a second, even more deadly move, to blow by your defender. Easy money. Don’t rely on the In N Out move alone–it’s always best to have a full arsenal. (Check out the 7 Day Game Handle Pack if you want more!)

3.) No Weak “Pat” Dribbles

Weak Ball handlers want to “pat” the ball. Give it a gentle back massage or something. Really pound that ball. Why? The harder you dribble, the more likely the ball will be back in your hand. Once you get to an elite level, there’s no room for dribbling the ball like you’re “slapping” the top of it.

The last and most effective technique to execute this move (as well as all ball handling moves) is the “Ball in Hand Principle.”

You’ve got to have the “Ball in Hand Principleinstilled in your very core to become a decent ball handler. The “Ball in Hand Principle” will always reign supreme with the ballers with the best ball control. The ones that keep the ball on a string.

So, what’s the “Ball in Hand Principle“?

You’ll only find it inside the ball handling program, Game Handles.


I would definitely check Game Handles out if you’re thinking about taking your handles to the next level.

And if you’re looking for variations of the normal In N Out, to really make this move one of the best basketball moves, please check out the 4 below! (But really it’s three. I’m not sure if street ball variations count.)

In N Out Variations:

  • 1

    In N Out Cross Variation

    After the normal In N Out move, cross back over your body and blow by your defender. Remember, choppy feet will keep you more stable and sell the fake.

  • 2

    In N Out Through The Legs Variation

    Same as the In N Out Above but you're going to want to add a slight "hop" off the right foot to push the ball through your legs. If you're confused, it's okay. Watch the video again and pay close attention to my footwork. Feel free to slow it down to .5 speed to catch everything.

  • 3

    In N Out Behind the Back Variation

    Get that normal In N Out Jab step, but this time, after the planted right foot, wrap the ball around your back. Essentially, the process here is just two steps; Plant and Wrap.

  • 4

    In N Out Street Ball Variation

    Don't work on this variation as much, but just to be aware it exists. Instead of jabbing with a single step, take two steps. Honestly, it looks like a travel to people not aware of it-- I wouldn't push this on refs on any court-- they're going to blow that whistle.

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