Basketball Finishing Drills: The Basketball Training Series Part 2

basketball finishing drills

Boom….it’s here.

What’s here?

Part 2 of The Basketball Training Series, duh?!

If you haven’t seen part 1 then you should do that first because part 2 is basically a continuation of a complete basketball training workout that I put a couple players through in the summer of 2015.

When we workout we don’t just focus on shooting or ball handling, but we focus on The Big Three.

What the heck is The Big Three?

ANSWER: Ball Handling, Finishing, Shooting

So this video really covers the finishing part and you’ll see 2 different basketball finishing drills here.

These drills can be easily duplicated the next time you are in the gym.

Just watching this stuff doesn’t get you any better, but if you want to improve your finishing then actually applying the stuff you learn here will for sure get you better.

Lets take a look at the video:

Ok, so I know that was a pretty short video, but there are some great points you can take away from it and here they are:

  • Great players play at different speeds.
  • If you're under 6 foot tall you should be able to finish with both hands around the basket.

Here are the what we worked on in the different drills:

  • The load up move drill
  • Repeat runner drill
  • Spot up shooting game

Ok, so that's it.

If you haven't seen part one you can do that here and look below this to check out part 3.


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