Try This KILLER Basketball Workout For Guards

basketball workout for guards

Do you ever have big plans to improve your game and then you get to the gym and are like, uuuuhhhh…

What now?

I remember those days as a 14 year old freshman.

I’d watch Kobe drop 40 and get all pumped up.

I’d hop on my bike and ride down to the junior high school outdoor courts.

Ok, what now?

I would shoot around for 15 minutes, get bored, and then ride on over to Taco Bell to get a soda.

If you relate to that…Don’t let that happen EVER AGAIN!

I want you to try this killer basketball workout for guards.

I put two of my guys through this workout in the summer of 2015.

Watch both videos, take notes, and ride your bike to the nearest basketball court ūüėȬ†.

I think that’s enough talking.

Let’s get right into the workout.

As you can see this is an awesome basketball workout to improve your crossover.

Having a good crossover mostly comes down to having good technique.

Many of the drills in this workout focus on exactly that as you just saw in the video.

Making a defender think you're going in one direction when really you're not is difficult.

But if you have the correct footwork and technique you can make the crossover your most effective "blow by" move.

In the next video we will get into some finishing...

...more specifically working on finishing different ways out of the Euro Step.

We also return back to the crossover move as we work on shooting a pull up or step back out of it.

Let's get into Part 2 right now.

If you have any questions go ahead and leave them below in the comments or hit me up.

I hope you liked this and found some value in it and I'll catch you guys in a later video!


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