Basketball Workout For Point Guards


Sick of doing the same old basketball workout everyday?

Suck to be you!

Just joking, but seriously why not check out this workout, learn it, and apply it to improve your game!

The player featured in this workout is a NCAA D3 college player named Connor Kim.

SIDE NOTE: He went to the same high school as I did, so you know he's a baller...(Go Hounds)

This is a complete workout as we work on ball handling, finishing, shooting, and even vertical leap at the very end of the workout.

The workout is actually broken down into three different videos.

Take your time on this page and watch all the videos and you’ll notice I have a little gift for you at the bottom of the page.

Part 1: Ball Handling Warmup

What Did I Just Watch?

This video was all ball handling as we were just trying to get warmed up for the full basketball workout where we would be doing a whole bunch of jumping and stuff.

I love ball handling drills that incorporate some sort of hesitation or pause as that helps build rhythm into your handles which is very important.

In the video you can see that Connor is able to see me demonstrate something and pick it up rather quickly.

That's one reason why he is a college player.

Here's how Part 1 breaks down:

  • Scissor Ladder: 2 Sets
  • Scissor Hesi Crossovers: 3 Variations of 10 Both Sides
  • Leg Wraps: 2 Variations Full Court and Back for Each

Part 2: Finishing, Mid Range Spot Ups, & Dribble Moves

What Did I Just Watch?

If you're a shorter player then you are going to have to be able to finish around the basket by using spin, hang time, and by jumping off the wrong foot.

Think of players like Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving.  They aren't very tall but still are able to finish in the games by being crafty in their finishes.

I'm a huge fan of smaller players using reverse layups to get buckets against taller players as I've had a ton of success doing that personally.  So in Part 2 we work on finishing with a reverse layup where you jump off the wrong foot and then have to use a lot of spin to get the ball to bounce back towards the rim.

We also shoot some midrange spot up jump shots.

Curious how well a NCAA D3 point guard can shoot?

Well, here Connor goes 22 for 25...that's 88%.

But shooting definitely is one of his main strengths, so if you're not on that level yet don't feel too discouraged.  Just know you need to get in the gym and put in some work.

At the very end of the video you saw Connor working on a move where he dribbles twice through the legs and then explodes into a 1 dribble pull up.

You also see him shoot a step back off the move.  I want you to pay attention to how he doesn't waste a rep and explodes out of each move.

He slams each dribble and stops on a dime into his pull up.

Here's how Part 2 breaks down:

  • Goofy Foot Reverse Layups: Make 5 from 4 spots
  • Midrange Spot Up Jump Shots: Shoot 5 from 5 spots = 25 shots
  • Pull Ups & Step Backs: Make 4 going each direction of each variation

Part 3: More Dribble Moves, Spot Up NBA 3's, Plyometrics 

More and more dribble moves.

You have to remember that this is a point guard workout so we can really focus on different things off of the the dribble.

A good way to do this is to take one move and then break it down into different variations and counters.

That's exactly what we did in the workout.

So the 3 different moves we worked on in Part 3 are the Double Through The Legs Cross (that's a counter from a move in Part 2), the Reverse Through The Legs Snatch Back, and the Reverse Through The Legs Snatch Back Cross (also a counter).

And remember we are working on pulling up out of these moves as well as shooting a step back.

After that we get up some spot up NBA 3's.

Not too much shooting done in this workout, but thats stuff Connor can get done on his own or with a partner.

When I'm working with a player I don't want to simply be getting reps up.

I'm more focused on player development.

Plus, if I was working with a shooting guard the workout would of went differently and we would of focused on shooting off the move and stuff like that.

To finish the workout off we did some plyometrics.

These are basically just jumping exercises and I am a big fan of doing these kind of game specific movements at the end of workouts.

You can use these kind of exercises along with some strength training exercises to improve your vertical leap, but that's not the reason I have players finish up their workouts with them.

I do it because I want a player to feel like he just played in a game after a workout.

I want his legs to be tired and to have gotten a game like workout in.

Sometimes we use defensive drills, sometimes agility, and sometimes plyos.

Here's how Part 3 breaks down:

  • Pull Ups & Step Backs: Make 4 going each direction of each variation
  • Spot Up NBA 3's: Shoot 5 from 5 spots = 25 shots
  • Plyometrics: Reps and sets vary

There it is!

I hope you liked The Point Guard Workout and if you did please share it with your friends that player point guard.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


  • Boogie Giles

    Reply Reply November 16, 2015

    Super great work out drills !!!…. Thumbs up

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply November 22, 2015

      Thanks I’m glad you like them. Keep working!

  • Civil

    Reply Reply January 26, 2016

    Will you have any workouts for Small Forwards?

    • Augie Johnston

      Reply Reply February 2, 2016

      Yeah there are a ton of things on my site that are great for small forwards. Don’t put yourself in a box. You’re a player first…not just a small forward. Look around.

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