Podcast 13: How To Be Aggressive In Basketball

aggressive basketball

In today’s episode we talk about a lot of different topics but the meat and potatoes is about how to be aggressive and what exactly that means.  I also talk about my first quarter mentality on a team where I need to make plays.

I hope you enjoy it, here it is.

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Ok, here's how the show is broken down.

In This Weeks Episode We Cover:

Weekly Takeaways

  • Working camp

Strange Basketball Thoughts

  • How to teach the reverse layup

Funny Viral Basketball Video

Last night's locker room celebration was so great it's worth another look.

Posted by New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Be Aggressive In Basketball

  • Look to MAKE PLAYS.
  • Take open/good shots.
  • Crash the glass on offense

Quote of the Week

If you’re afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful

Charles Barkley

Question of the Week

Hi guys, I just wanted to ask that how to tackle trash talking . I was playing streetball with my friends and as I was going for an easy layup I got blocked by younger player . Then he talked trash to me. Now I'm scared to take shots and even play basketball , I seem like I have lost my bball dribbling skills too.

Answer is inside the podcast.

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