How To Crossover Like Deron Williams

how to crossover in basketball

If you are a basketball fan then you have to of either witnessed or heard of the Tim Hardaway crossover, also known as the Utep-2-Step.

Well Deron Williams basically stole a page out of his book, but D-Will added his only twist to the move which makes it even more devastating for defenders ankles.

So there is 3 parts to this crossover move even though it is a 2 dribble move.

Here is how it’s broken down.

deron williams crossover

It's that little hesitation that makes this move so "shifty."

The beauty of this move is that it can be broken down in a few different ways to give you more than just one option.

Option #1

You go through the legs, hesitate, and the defense jumps back.  At this point you've created space and can simply pick the ball up and take your shot.

Option #2

You go through the legs, hesitate, and the defense doesn't move at all.  At this point you should just continue with that change of direction and blow by the defender.

Option #3

You go through the legs, hesitate, and the defender moves his feet to cut off that new direction that you're headed.  This is the time you contintue with the final cross in front to blow by the defense of get into your pull up jump shot.

It's a little easier to explain this in a video so that you can see the move like and break it down.

The Deron Williams Crossover Tutorial

If you want to see the difference between how he does it and how Tim Hardaway did it you can check out the two videos below:

The Tim Hardaway Crossover

Deron Williams Crossover

Both moves are super effective and these players have done a great job finding a "go to" move.

This move can be used to get off a jump shot, blow by the defense, or to setup your defender for another move.

To truly learn how to crossover like Deron Williams or Tim Hardaway you need to get in the gym and practice these moves before trying to actually use them in the game.

Also this move is pretty advanced and flashy so if you are a beginner then I would first try and master the basic through the legs move first because this is a counter to that.

Here is a great drill you can use to get a ton of reps of this move.  Simply share this page using one of the buttons below.

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