The Basketball Move That No One Works On, But Everyone Uses

I think this is one of the best basketball moves for beginners… Yet, you’ll see NBA players using it ALL THE TIME as well. So why don’t you work on this? It’s ok, no one works on this… “But coach, it’s just a hesitation.” Is it? Well, yes, technically it is, lol. But if you…

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The Scissor Ladder Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill

165. That’s how many times you’re going to be going through your legs in this one dribbling drill. Want to know the best part though? You can do this drill from home or really anywhere you have some elbow room. At this point you’re wondering, “Why the heck is called The Scissor Ladder Dribbling Drill?”…

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How To Cross Someone In Basketball

how to cross someone

Just like I state in the video breakdown… If you’re only goal is to cross someone up then you’re not playing the right way. But if you’re here because you find yourself in a 1 on 1 situation pretty often where you need to create a shot for yourself because the shot clock is running…

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Basketball Workout For Point Guards


Sick of doing the same old basketball workout everyday? Suck to be you! Just joking, but seriously why not check out this workout, learn it, and apply it to improve your game! The player featured in this workout is a NCAA D3 college player named Connor Kim. This is a complete workout as we work on…

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Crafty Ball Handling Drill


Last summer (2015) I was working with a small forward who wanted to improve his ball handling. We did a ton of ball handling drills that you see around that help improve your dribble speed and your overall control of the basketball. His handles improved. But still, he couldn’t really use his handles to create…

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The In N Out Jumper Basketball Move

in n out basketball move

This is a very difficult shot to make. In the video I explain that this footwork is backwards and that’s what makes this shot a little faster yet more difficult to make. The move itself is nothing much more than an In N Out into a jump shot, but when broken down you can see…

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The Kevin Durant Half Spin Fadeaway Move

fadeaway move

I’m a big fan of Kevin Durant.  Him and Steph Curry are probably my two favorite players. This is a move that he’s been known to use from time to time and is a good one for him because he is so tall it’s tough for players to contest it. If you are working on…

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Stephen Curry Pull Back & Counter Move Breakdown

stephen curry move

I often watch Stephen Curry play and just wonder how he does it.  In my opinion there has never been a player like him in the history of the game. Yes, of course, there have been other great shooters and stuff, but the shots that he makes on the regular are off the charts as…

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The Official Basketball Moves Compilation

basketball moves

How many different kinds of basketball moves can you come up with? I came up with 30 and I didn’t even use In n outs or so many other one’s I wish I would of. I guess you’ll just have to wait for part 2 ;). I hope to build and build upon this post…

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The Jamal Crawford Finishing Move

jamal crawford move

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