Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Explained

kobe bryant retirement

At this point you’ve already heard the news… Kobe Bryant is retiring after this season (2015-16). But this article isn’t about announcing anything. It’s about appreciating and analyzing. I never was a big Kobe fan because I’m an underdog myself so why would I root for the guy everyone’s putting on a pedestal? I couldn’t. But…

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Basketball Tips For Shooting A Pull Up Jump Shot

basketball tips for shooting

  If you haven’t heard…people are saying that the midrange pull up is the worst shot in basketball. They say that statistically, you’re better off trying to get all the way to the basket or shoot the three. But if you watch basketball you’ll notice that there are still many different players that do well…

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How To Play Defense In Basketball

how to play defense

Ok, if you came here to learn how to play better defense… …I SALUTE you. Because really I haven’t talked much about defense have I? Did you notice? You didn’t? Do you take pride in your defense? You should. But for some reason when you ask a player after the game how many they scored they…

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How To Use The Stutter Step

stutter step thumb

The video in this post is not only going to show you how to stutter step, but really how to use the stutter step. A stutter step is basically small choppy steps that you can use to slow down when running full speed. It has so many different applications in so many different sports. In…

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How To Improve Your Shooting In Basketball

how to improve your shooting

I think that the advice in this video is very actionable if you want to learn how to improve your shooting in basketball. Because I don’t focus on what you hear most often such as: Keep your elbow in Use your legs Hold your follow through Spread your fingers Shooting is very holistic. Learning and using…

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5 Basketball Drills For Post Players

basketball drills for post players

50 for 56… That’s a good shooting percentage. But that’s just average to my man Rashad “Deuce” Hassan. Well at least when he’s getting his post reps in. We worked out together 4 to 5 times a week while teammates in Europe. He would always finish each shooting workout by getting 50 makes in from the post. Here…

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The Basketball Training Series Part 4: 1 on 1

basketball 1 on 1

I know I’m asking for it… But go ahead and leave your critiques of me in the comments of this post after you watch the 1 on 1 game between Connor and I. Please don’t hurt my feelings 😉 We finally made it to Part 4 of the series. Can you believe that part 1,…

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The Basketball Training Series Part 3: Pick And Roll Drills

basketball training workout pick

In part 3 of the basketball training series we take a look at many different drills and into detail on each one in the video. In my opinion, the most important part of this video is the pick and roll drill we do where we focus on escaping the hedge. Let’s take a look at…

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Basketball Finishing Drills: The Basketball Training Series Part 2

basketball finishing drills

Boom….it’s here. What’s here? Part 2 of The Basketball Training Series, duh?! If you haven’t seen part 1 then you should do that first because part 2 is basically a continuation of a complete basketball training workout that I put a couple players through in the summer of 2015. When we workout we don’t just…

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Ball Handling Workout: The Basketball Training Series Part 1

ball handling workout

You finally found it… This post is part 1 of The Basketball Training Series. “But AUUUGIE, when does the series end?” Answer: IDK, never? Do I really need an ending point? I just want to see how long I can keep it going. As the series continues I’ll make sure to add link to Part 2,…

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