2 Really Good Basketball Moves To Create Space

good basketball moves

Today I’m going to give you two really good basketball moves you can use to create space off of the dribble.

At the end of the video there is also a few drills you can use to work on these moves and to basically rep out each move like a millionbazillion times 🙂

Let’s get right into the video breakdown, but please read the whole post, because the most valuable tip of when to use these moves will come after the video.

So lets take a look at a time when these 2 moves have actually worked for me in a game.

The first clip is the reverse through the legs pull back and the second clip is the behind the back buster.

Just as a quick side note, I've also heard these moves called "Snatch Backs."

2 Basketball Moves To Create Space

New Youtube video just went live where I breakdown these moves...Here I am using them in a game.

Posted by Baller Boot Camp on Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just like I said in the tutorial video above, you can use these moves when the defense cuts you off.

Simply give them a small bump, a small push off, step back and create space.

If you have a pretty athletic or much taller player guarding you though they still might be able to contest your shot.

It really depends on many different factors.

More importantly these are good basketball moves to use when you recognize the defense starting to turn their hips and retreat.

good basketball moves for guards

Basically what they are doing is switching from a defensive slide into a full sprint in order to get ahead of you and cut you off.

That is the perfect time to stop, create that space, and get off your jump shot.

Check out Jamal Crawford using the behind the back buster move with a small counter after.

Now check out Joe Johnson using it to get right into his pull up.

And finally here is the the reverse through the legs pull back move by Kobe Bryant.

So I think that's enough proof that these are some really good basketball moves to use to get off your jumper.

Just be careful you don't get called for a foul if you push off.

And before you go out there and try to use these moves you need to practice it.

The drills at the end of the video will help you get your reps in.

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